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Trying to stretch those dollars?  We want to help.  We're pulling the County's many free services and money-saving resources together on this one page.

Check Your Receipts  
County inspectors found 25 percent of stores checked for pricing accuracy had errors.  Check your receipts - and a list of businesses with overcharging violations.


Free Movies and Music  
County libraries have much more than books.  Search the catalog and choose from thousands of movies and music CDs, all available for you to enjoy at no cost.

Affordable, Healthy School Lunches
Learn how to cut costs and calories with tips from County health experts.

Back to School Without Breaking the Bank
The County's consumer expert has tips to help you stretch your dollar when shopping for the new school year.  Watch video

County Library Fine-Free Fridays
There are no fines for overdue materials returned on the last Friday of the month. Return late books, videos and DVDs to any branch, all day long, for free!  Watch video

Financial Grab 'n' Go Kit
Gathering important documents now can save time and money later. Watch and learn what to include in your emergency kit. 

Buy a truck, musical instrument, or electronics gear on the cheap!  The County has auctions of personal property and surplus property.  


Free or Low-Cost Immunizations
County Public Health Centers offer walk-in whooping cough, flu, polio, tetanus, measles, mumps and chickenpox vaccinations. Children under 24 months can be immunized free. The flat fee for everyone else is $10, regardless of how many shots are given. Don't wait - vaccinate!

Unclaimed Monies  
Thousands of dollars in County payments have never been cashed.  Does some of the unclaimed money belong to you? Find out!

Cut Your Grocery Bill
There are many tricks to saving money on groceries - and they don't have to involve coupons.

Water-Saving Garden
The drought doesn't have to mean giving up an attractive yard.  The County Television Network's "Down to Earth" program has several episodes that teach you landscaping and gardening techniques that can lower your water bill.  Watch and learn!

Home Vacation Checks
If you live in an area where the Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement, a senior volunteer can check your home regularly while you're away on vacation.  

Safe Barbecue Tips
Avoid wasting money on spoiled food or upset stomachs by following the five steps to food safety at your next outdoor cookout.

Home Composting
Looking to make the most of what you already have these days? Learn how to compost and where to find workshops and low-cost bins.

Passport Services
You can apply for one at the County Administration Center.  We have photo services and two-hour free parking.  As of June 1, 2009, passports are required when returning from Mexico or Canada.

Employment Search Assistance
The County Library now offers resume reviews, live interview coaching, and job search help.  Don't have a County Library card yet? Don't worry - you can register online for free access.

Appeal for a Free Property Tax Reassessment
If you receive an "official-looking" letter in the mail, don't be fooled. Get the application and comparable sales information, and file for absolutely no cost with the County Assessor.

Get What You Pay For at Farmer's Markets
That basket of strawberries may look succulent, but was it safely grown and locally harvested? Find out.

Down Payment and Closing Cost Help
The County offers low-interest deferred payment loans for low-income first-time home buyers.

Scam Alerts
Heard of "car cloning?"  The Jury Duty Scam?  Thieves keep coming up with new ways to go after your money.  The District Attorney's Office has details on common scams going around. 

Refinancing Dos and Don'ts
When interest rates drop, should you get a mortgage makeover?  It depends.

Low-Cost Pet Clinics
Every Thursday from 1-3 p.m., County Animal Shelters offer inexpensive rabies vaccinations, dog licensing and microchipping.

Senior Expo: Protect Yourself & Your Wallet
Learn physical and financial self-defense techniques from the District Attorney’s office and Adult Protective Services.
Call (800) 510-2020 and press 4.
Watch a previous seminar!

Help for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
In addition to other resources, the County Library offers workshops with counseling from legal experts, mortgage professionals and housing agencies.
Watch a previous workshop

Safe Holiday Dining 
A local survey finds some common mistakes in food preparation.  Review simple tips to keep you and your guests healthy. 

Trick-or-Treat Tips
Make sure little ghosts and ghouls bring home safe sweets.

Don't Get Burned Buying Firewood  
The County has tips on what to watch out for when stocking up.  Watch video