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Sunny Soon Available for Adoption

Second Puppy Arrives at Shelter with Ears Cut Off

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December 8, 2010

County of San Diego Department of Animal Services received a phone call yesterday from a Tijuana veterinary hospital assistant asking if the Department would accept a puppy - which they believed was a littermate to Sunny - found abandoned in the streets in Tijuana with her ears sliced off.  Department staff is also convinced that the puppy is the sister of Sunny, the puppy found with his ears cut off in November. 

The Department of Animal Services was in the process of arranging to bring the puppy across the U.S.-Mexico Border when the veterinary assistant from the Tijuana veterinary hospital walked into the shelter carrying the puppy. The assistant had heard the news coverage on Sunny and was hoping the second puppy could be a part of the adoption process.

Cher was found on a street in Tijuana.

Cher, as she was affectionately named by staff, arrived at the County shelter on Gaines Street late yesterday afternoon with her ears now healed and in good spirits.

“This has changed the focus of the investigation,” said Animal Control Lt. Kalani Hudson. “It appears the mutilations to the puppies’ ears occurred in Mexico and we have no authority to pursue an investigation if the crime occurs outside the United States. Furthermore, this type of mutilation may not even be a crime in Mexico.” 

The reason for the maiming of both puppies is unknown. Many dog fighters will cut off their dog’s ears so the opponent’s dog can’t latch onto them. Another possibility could be that the puppies’ ears were cut off to make them look more like Pit Bulls, as the breed is very popular.

Video: Sunny's Sister?

“It is doubtful the truth will ever be known as to why someone would hurt these puppies,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of County Animal Services. “There are probably more puppies in this litter and we are hoping they will be brought to our shelter for adoption into loving homes.”

In the meantime, the Department’s veterinary staff will determine if Cher is healthy enough to join her brother Sunny in foster care. 

Anyone interested in adopting the puppies must fill out an adoption application and submit it to one of the County shelters by the close of business Dec. 18. Applications are available at  or may be picked up at any one of County’s three shelters.

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