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100 Birds Seized in Cockfighting Investigation

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June 14, 2010

Animal Control Officers from the County Department of Animal Services served a search warrant today at a property on 552 Galeon Road in Spring Valley.

Upon arriving at the property, officers discovered more than 100 birds. In addition, they found various items used by cockfighters, including knives, drugs, medication and training aids. Many of the birds as well as large quantities of cockfighting paraphernalia were seized. The warrant was obtained once officers found enough evidence of suspected cockfighting.

The 41-year-old suspected owner has not yet been arrested.

“Cockfighting is a bloody venture where two birds are set up to fight with each other,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of the Department of Animal Services. “These birds have had their natural spur removed and the cockfighters place sharpened knives on the bird’s leg. When they fight, they will cut each other apart until one dies or is weakened so much that it cannot continue to fight.

“Unfortunately, the birds used in cockfighting cannot be rehabilitated. Their aggressive traits have been bred into them for generations. Even without the addition of the knives, the birds would be dangerous to other birds and people.”

The owner of the birds surrendered them for euthanasia since the birds cannot be rehabilitated.

For more information about animal investigations, visit the Department of Animal Services website

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