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Quake Anniversary Should Move Residents to Prepare

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April 4, 2011

Are you better prepared today to react to and survive in the event of a big earthquake like last year’s magnitude 7.2 centered in Baja California? San Diegans felt the rumblings then and still continue to experience aftershocks, but has it moved you to create or improve your plan for safety?

“Earthquakes happen without warning, just as it did one year ago today in Mexico and as we have seen recently in New Zealand and Japan. You can help protect your family by knowing how to prepare your home, how to react during a quake, and what supplies you’ll need to stay safe after the shaking stops,” said Ron Lane, Director of the County Office of Emergency Services.

After the 2010 Easter Earthquake, many people in the community said they ran outside, which exposed them to injury from falling objects. Practice “drop, cover and hold on” with your family to make sure everyone knows what to do when the next quake happens.

You can also visit for additional important preparedness tips, including:

  • Download a free template to create a family disaster plan, which is available in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.
  • Create an emergency kit with items such as a first aid kits, non-perishable food, water and important documents.
  • Register your cell phone with AlertSanDiego.
  • Fix potential hazards in your home, for example you can secure objects that might fall during an earthquake.

The website also has preparedness information for other disasters, such as wildfires and floods.


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