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In a greater effort to better serve you, our customers, we would appreciate your input as to how we are doing. Please take a minute to respond to the following nine items. The answers you give will help us to improve the way we do business.
All the information you give will remain strictly confidential.
Thank you once again for your assistance.

1.  The site loaded promptly. 
2.  The site was informative. 
3.  The information was readily available. 
4.  The information I received was sufficient and well presented. 
5.  I was satisfied with your site. 
6.  My overall impression of my visit to your site was positive. 

7.  How often do you visit our site?
   2-3 times/week    Once a week    2-3 times/month  
   Once a month    1-3 times per year    Never  

8.  How long did it take you to find the information you needed?
   less than 5 mins    5-15 mins    15-30 mins  
   30 mins-1 hr    over 1 hr    Didn't find  

9.  My visit to your site avoided unnecessary phone calls or trips to the County offices.
   True    False  

Is there anything else we could do to better serve you? Please Comment. If you wish us to respond, please include email address.



DISCLAIMER: The following information is provided to you as a matter of convenience and speaks as of the end of the last period to which they relate. There may have been changes in the financial condition or affairs of the County of San Diego since then, the County of San Diego has not undertaken to update the financial statements, or such other documents.