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There's a New Weed in Town!

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A recent find of a weed on Euclid Avenue between Sweetwater Road and Ridgeway Drive in Lincoln Acres in San Diego was identified as ruby saltbush, Enchylaena tomentosa.  This weed can potentially develop into a major pest in the coastal zone of Southern California.  This is the first report of the weed, an Australian native, in California.  It spreads rapidly by seeds.  The weed grows as a small shrub, flat on the ground or erect up to 3 feet.  It has slender leaves up to ¾ inches long.  The fruit may be green, yellow or red. Both leaves and stems are densely covered in woolly hairs.  The weed is tolerant to some frost and drought.  If you find this weed, report the location(s) to AWM’s Integrated Pest Control Division at 858-614-7751.