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Weights and Measures

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The mission of Weights and Measures is to promote value comparison and fair competition in the marketplace. This is accomplished by preserving, maintaining and utilizing our standards of measurement in the United States. Weights and Measures functions include the testing of all commercially used devices such as scales, gas pumps, water vending machines, taximeters, privately owned utility meters and liquefied petroleum gas meters (LPG). The computerization of commercially used equipment has required this program to perform ongoing end product testing (undercover sales and buys) to supplement their primary testing procedures. Other jurisdictional responsibilities include the quality and advertisement of petroleum products, weighmaster enforcement, package inspections to verify net content statements and price verification. Read about the history of Weights and Measures in San Diego County.

Operational Tire Pressure Posting Decals

   Protecting Consumers at the Pumps (video)

Administrative Fees FAQs 

Taxi Meter Inspection FAQs

Annual Registration Letter (pdf)

Annual Device Registration Application & Fee Schedule  (pdf)

Administrative Fee Schedule

Annual Odometer Registration Letter (pdf)

Annual Point-of-Sale (POS) System Registration Letter (pdf)

Annual Point-of-Sale (POS) System Registration Application (pdf)

Annual Sub-meter Registration and Testing Schedule Letter (pdf)

Credit Card Authorization Form (pdf)