Below is a list of keywords that are used to search for records from 1935-1976.  The list will direct you to the location of the index card that will identify the specific actions of the Board of Supervisors association with the keyword and point you to the official record.  The list helps narrow down your search. 


For example, say you are looking for information about the voting equipment used in the primary election in 1946.  You could use the Keyword Index to find “voting machines,” under the Registrar of Voters department.  The Index would tell you that matters dealing with “voting machines” are located in File Drawer 051 at the Clerk of the Board office.  You would then go to File Drawer 051 to locate more specific information about the Board action using the subject index card.


To search:

  1. Download the index (Microsoft Excel file).
  2. Once the file is open, click on the  next to the field you wish to search. 
  3. Uncheck “(Show All)” and click the checkbox next to the keywords you want to use to filter the list. 

For example:


  1. Once you find the keyword(s) that match your search, scroll to the right to identify the location of the index card.  The information will point you to the “File Drawer,” microfilm “Index Reel” and “Index Frame” numbers.  This information will assist you in locating the record at the Clerk of the Board Office.


If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Board staff at (619) 531-5600.



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