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Legislative Services Program

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Legislative Services

The Legislative Services program provides support services to the Board of Supervisors such as the preparation and distribution of agendas and statements of proceedings, processing of official documents and legal publications, handling requests for official records, administering the referral tracking system, and maintaining the Rules of Procedure, Board Policy Manual and the County Charter.

Legislative Services also administers the Property Tax Assessment Appeals process, which entails accepting appeals, scheduling hearings, coordinating appeals board member training, clerking hearings, and other support services.

Additional responsibilities include providing support to Air Pollution Control District Hearings, administering the Labor Relations Ordinance, providing support to the Community Enhancement application process, providing support to the City Selection Committee, administrative assistance to County Hearing Officers, and providing notary public services.  Below is a list of tasks for the Legislative Services program.

  • Prepare and distribute Board of Supervisors and Special Districts Agendas
  • Prepare and distribute Statement of Proceedings and Minutes for Board of Supervisors and Districts, process documents as appropriate, maintain Ordinance and Resolution logs
  • Process legal publications requests, and perform other noticing
  • Provide support to Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board and Assessment Appeals Hearing Board (Clerking, agendas, statements, notices, acceptance of applications, requirements for hearings and/or postings and mailings)
  • Maintain Redbook/Board Calendar/Resolution Log/Ordinance Log
  • Administer Referral Tracking System - referrals from Board meetings
  • Maintain Documentum Board of Supervisor records
  • Responsible for the maintenance and storage of Board of Supervisors records
  • Process records for microfilming
  • Upload microfilm reel and frame information to Documentum
  • Maintain official County documents (Charter, Board Policy Manual, Administrative and County Codes) and manage records
  • Responsible for updates to County Code, Administrative Code, Board of Supervisors Policy and Zoning Ordinance
  • Update and maintain Board Policies and Ordinances on the Internet
  • Post Board of Supervisors, Air Pollution Control District, Assessment Appeals Board, and Hearing Officer Agendas and Notices
  • Respond to public inquiries and provide assistance and/or referral as appropriate
  • Research Board of Supervisors records and recover revenue as appropriate
  • Provide assistance to Hearing Officers including Nuisance Abatement Appeal or Cost Hearings and Taxi Cab Hearings
  • Maintain email subscription lists and distribution labels for the Board of Supervisors and Special Districts Agendas and Statement of Proceedings
  • Process Closed Session, Administrative Code Section 123 documents, and Community Enhancement applications and contracts
  • Provide Notary Service to the public
  • Prepare and manage Legislative Services Fiscal Year (Operational) Budget
  • Account for revenues and fees as appropriate
  • Provide support to City Selection Committee
  • Administer and support carrying out Labor Relations Ordinance by processing Labor Relations documents, maintain files and serve as liaison with Labor Relations office (Unfair Labor Practice, Representation Petitions, Requests to be Recognized)
  • Process Assessment Appeals applications
  • Maintain and ensure quality review of Assessment Appeals database
  • Schedule Assessment Appeals hearings and resets, process stipulations and withdrawals, send meeting notices prepare and transmit agendas and minutes and maintain records and tape cassette library related to Assessment Appeals
  • Review monthly Assessment Appeals Statistical Report
  • Process Assessment Appeals Findings
  • Coordinate mandated Assessment Appeals members' yearly training orientation
  • Receive and process mail and communications
  • Provide support to Executive Office staff
  • Coordinate and maintain program pages on the Clerk of the Board Internet
  • Review CRs (Communications Received) documents for appropriateness
  • Review FCs (Filed Communications)
  • Maintain and update fixed assets inventory for Clerk of the Board and Board of Supervisors General Office
  • Process payment and renewal of Purchase Orders and Blanket Purchase Agreements for the department
  • Process payments for wire transfers on money orders sold
  • Process deposit permits on checks and cash received
  • Collect dishonored personal checks
  • Maintain petty cash and change funds
  • Monthly deposit reconciliation
  • Assessment Appeals Tasks:
    • Process annual filing period news releases and publications.
    • Coordinate, clerk and oversee all documentation for complex/special Assessment Appeals Board hearings.
    • Participate in Integrated Property Tax System
    • Maintain updates to the Assessor’s Handbook and State Board of Equalization laws and new procedures/changes to application for changed assessment.
    • Create hearing dates for Assessment Appeals Board on a quarterly basis and update all calendars, room reservation system, and notify Assessor and Board Members.
    • Maintain 2 year waiver report
    • Process Invalid & Incomplete Assessment Appeals Board applications.
    • Scan Assessment Appeals Board applications into Application Extender.
    • Transcription Certifications and Administrative Records Requests.
    • Maintain Assessment Appeals Board Incomplete Application Database.
    • Process amended applications and coordinate with the Assessor’s office on updates and corrections. (Assessor’s Correction List)
    • Iron Mountain Storage of all Assessment Appeals Board and Air Pollution Control District records.
    • Maintain internet websites for Assessment Appeals Board and Air Pollution Control District.
  • Air Pollution Control District and General Tasks:
    • Air Pollution Control District Minutes creation and distribution.
    • Coordination of Air Pollution Control District annual workshops, training, etc.
    • Labor Equipment and Materials Report
  • Maintain supplies
  • Provide support to Executive Office for phones and counter
  • Other duties as assigned