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Disclosures of Gifts and Contributions

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The County Charter (Section 1000.1) and the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) have specific reporting requirements for any gifts or campaign contributions to County officials or the County.  For reporting requirements, visit the Clerk of the Board's disclosure information page.

Below is a list of required State and local filings that are on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

FPPC Form 801 Filings (Gifts to Agency Report)

Agency/Department NameDonor NameDate Filed
Chief Administrative OfficeAssociation of California Airports (ACA) 8/26/11
San Diego County Sheriff DepartmentAmerican Israel Public Affairs Committee8/20/13
San Diego County Sheriff DepartmentAnti-Defamation League11/15/13
Cajon Valley Union School DistrictImagine Learning01/17/14

FPPC Form 802 Filings (Report of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket Admission Distributions)

Agency/Department NameFunction/Event NameDate Filed
Board of Supervisors - District 5Fallbrook Film Festival Awards - 4th Annual Gala/Award Ceremony4/13/11
Board of Supervisors - District 1Union of Pan Asian Communities - Annual Leadership Awards Gala6/9/11
Board of Supervisors - District 1Phil Am BID - Awards Banquet 7/19/11
Board of Supervisors - District 1Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce - Annual Installation Dinner2/16/12
Board of Supervisors - District 5Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce - Annual Award3/14/12
Treasurer-Tax CollectorSouthBay Comm. Srvcs Extravaganza2/1/2013
Treasurer-Tax CollectorNSDCAR Installation of Chris Osteen01/22/2013
Treasurer-Tax CollectorSan Diego's Financial Planning Day01/22/2013
Treasurer-Tax Collector56th Annual Salute to Navy Luncheon01/22/2013
Treasurer-Tax Collector102nd Annual Installation Dinner Gala01/22/2013
Treasurer-Tax CollectorInstallation Dinner and Awards02/27/2013
Board of Supervisors - District 1San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce Annual Installation3/11/2013
Sheriff William GorePadres Ball Game9/30/2013
Sheriff William GorePadres Ball Game9/30/2013
Treasurer Tax CollectorAnnual TMA Fall Conference11/20/2013
Treasurer Tax CollectorAnnual Awards Dinner02/06/2014
Treasurer Tax Collector103rd Annual Installation Dinner02/06/2014

FPPC Form 803 Filings (Behested Payment Report)

Elected OfficerPayor Name/Payee NameDate Filed
Supervisor Greg CoxEugene "Mitch" Mitchell5/25/11
Supervisor Greg CoxIgnacio De La Torre5/25/11
Supervisor Greg CoxJoe Gabaldon5/25/11
Supervisor Ron RobertsSycuan Casino and Resort7/1/11
Supervisor Ron RobertsHomeaid San Diego7/1/11
Supervisor Ron RobertsCompetitor Group7/9/12
Supervisor Greg CoxSan Diego County Regional Airport Authority2/16/12
Supervisor Greg CoxSycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation3/7/12
Supervisor Greg CoxSolar Turbines3/7/12
Supervisor Greg CoxK P Financial Svcs Ops9/10/12
Supervisor Greg CoxViejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians11/16/12
Supervisor Greg CoxHP Enterprise Services, LLC12/5/12
Sheriff William GoreAlzheimer's Association - San Diego2/25/13
Sheriff William GoreCalifornia State Sheriff's Association2/25/13
Supervisor Ron RobertsSolar Turbines04/18/14
Supervisor Dianne JacobViejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians4/24/14
Supervisors Dianne JacobCox Communications07/11/2014
Supervisor Ron RobertsSharp Health Care08/01/2014
Supervisor Ron RobertsSan Diego Gas & Electric08/01/2014

FPPC Form 806 Filings (Agency Report of Public Official Appointments)

YearBoard Action
2013 Filing (Board of Supervisors) 1/8/2013
2013 Filing (City Selection Committee)1/14/2013
2014 Filing (Board of Supervisors)1/7/2014

Reporting of Campaign Contributions or Gifts by Contractors and their Lobbyists (County Charter Section 1000.1)

Filer's NameMeeting DateDate Filed
First Data Government Solutions, LP6/18/136/7/13
Nancy Chase6/18/136/7/13
California State Association of Counties6/18/136/7/13
West Publishing Corporation5/10/115/03/11
WAVE Technology Solutions Group9/28/109/17/10
Advance Database Management9/28/109/17/10
NOVA Commercial Company Inc.4/27/104/19/10
Jani-King of California Inc.4/27/104/19/10
ISS Facilities Services Inc.4/27/104/19/10
Rocket Enterprises10-21-0910-12-09
Heritage Security Services06-17-0906-05-09
Keyser Marston Assoc05-12-0905-08-09
Valley Crest Landscape Development05-13-0905-01-09
Correctional Alternatives, Inc..2-10-092-2-09
T.Y. Lin International11-19-0811-5-08
Lim and Nascimento Engineering Coorporation6-18-085-22-08
Steve Middlekauff, EDS5-6-084-28-08
Wadell Engineering Corporation4-23-084-02-2008
Love Enterprises Real Estate Group4-08-083-26-2008
DHI Water & Environment, Inc.3-26-083-17-2008
 San Pasqual Academy Foundation11-06-0711-26-2007
 Geosyntec Consultants11-07-0710-31-2007
 David Evans and Associates, Inc.10-17-0709-26-2007
 Project Design Consultants9-19-0709-5-2007
 Mendoza & Associates7-25-0707-2-2007
 Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group - West, Inc.7-24-0707-18-2007
 Mendoza & Associates2-7-0701-24-2007
Project Design Consultants2-7-0701-24-2007
Wadell Engineering Corp.11-15-0611-01-2006
Harris & Associates, Inc.9-27-0609-13-2006
LINTVEDT, McColl & Associates9-27-0609-13-2006
RBF Consulting9-27-0609-13-2006
Nolte Associates, Inc.9-27-0609-11-2006
Nasland Engineering9-27-0609-11-2006
Lim & Nascimento Engineering Corp.9-27-0608-30-2006
PBS & J9-27-0608-30-2006
Simon Wong Engineering9-27-0608-30-2006
Technology Associates International Corp. (TAIC)8-2-0607-21-2006
Dudek & Associates, Inc.8-2-0607-21-2006
WEST Consultants, Inc8-2-0607-18-2006
Recon Environmental, Inc8-2-0607-18-2006
EDAW, Inc8-2-0607-18-2006
Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers8-2-0607-12-2006
Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc8-2-0606-29-2006
Berryman & Henigar8-2-0606-29-2006
Wadell Engineering Corp7-19-0606-22-2006
Leighton Consulting6-14-0606-06-2006
Community Research Foundation, IncN/A05-19-2006
Collaborative Services3-1-0601-27-2006
West Coast General Corporation3-1-0602-15-2006
Kimley-Horn and Associates2-1-0601-25-2006
Infrastructure Engineering Corp1-25-0601-23-2006
RBF Consulting2-1-0601-20-2006
Ninyo & Moore2-1-0601-20-2006
RBF Consulting2-1-06 Flood01-20-2006
Wadell Engineering Corp.2-1-0601-17-2006
Northrop Grumman IT Inc1-24-0601-13-2006
Rick Engineering Company2-1-06 Flood01-11-2006
Nolte Associates, Inc.2-1-0601-10-2006
Nolte Associates, Inc1-25-0601-10-2006
Boyle Engineering Corporation1-25-0612-29-2005
Project Design Consultants1-25-0612-23-2005
FCI Constructors Inc12-14-0511-28-2005
Pountney Psomas12-07-0511-18-2005
Nasland Engineering12-07-0511-18-2005
Carollo Engineers, P.C.12-07-0511-07-2005
Boyle Engineering Corporation12-07-0510-26-2005
Basin Water, Inc.11-02-0510-20-2005
Rick Engineering Company10-19-0510-11-2005
Infrastructure Engineering Corp9-21-0509-14-2005
Jones & Stokes Associates8-02-0507-28-2005
Berryman & Henigar8-02-0507-28-2005
The Louis Berger Group, Inc.8-02-0507-28-2005
Boyle Engineering Corp.8-02-0507-28-2005
Rick Engineering Company8-02-0507-27-2005
EDAW, Inc.8-02-0507-22-2005
Electronic Data System (EDS) Corp.8-02-0507-26-2005
Domingo Antonio Lopez-Velez, M.D.8-02-0507-20-2005
Robert Jerskey, O.T.8-02-0507-20-2005
Infrastructure Engineering Corp.7-27-0507-22-2005
FCI Constructors, Inc.7-27-0507-12-2005
URS Corporation6-22-0506-16-2005
Mendoza & Associates6-22-0506-16-2005
Lim & Nascimento Eng. Corp.6-22-0506-16-2005
Simon Wong Engineering.6-22-0506-16-2005
Harris & Associates, Inc.6-22-0506-16-2005
Kimley Horn & Associates.6-22-0506-10-2005
Lim & Nascimento Eng. Corp.4-20-0503-29-2005
Rick Engineering Company4-20-0504-06-2005
EDAW, Inc4-13-0503-29-2005
Community Research Foundation, IncN/A04-01-2005
Jones & Stokes Associates4-13-0503-25-2005
LSA Associates, Inc.4-13-0503-15-2005
RECON Environmental, Inc.4-13-0503-25-2005
WEST Consultants, Inc.3-02-0502-10-2005
Collaborative Services3-02-0502-10-2005
Simon Wong Engineering, Inc.3-02-0502-22-2005
Mooney,  Jones & Stokes2-09-0501-20-2005
Kimley-Horn & Associates2-09-0501-19-2005
RECON Environmental, Inc.2-09-0501-19-2005
GeoSyntec Consultants2-09-0501-12-2005
David Evans & Associates, Inc.2-09-0501-26-2005
BearingPoint Inc.2-08-0502-04-2005
BearingPoint inc. - Johnson2-08-0501-25-2005
BearingPoint Inc. - Young2-08-0501-26-2005
BearingPoint Inc. - Lobbyist.2-08-0501-28-2005
Wadell Engineering Corp.1-05-0512-21-2004
Infrastructure Engineering Corp.9-22-0409-03-2004
Basin Water Technology Group9-22-0409-16-2004
Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.8-18-0408-04-2004
Mooney & Associates8-18-0408-04-2004
RECON Environmental, Inc.8-18-0408-04-2004
NASLAND Engineering8-18-0408-13-2004
Dokken Engineering8-18-0408-13-2004