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Public Services Program

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Public Services

The Public Services program is the first point of contact for members of the public, providing passport application acceptance, administration of Boards, Commissions, and Committees, and disclosure activities. Public Services provides management for the Board General Office and support to District Offices. Public Services ensures regulatory compliance and serves the community by notifying citizen advisory boards of dates for sunset review of their policies; ensuring public awareness of volunteer opportunities and of lobbyists ordinances; highlighting the County’s Volunteer Program and recognizing the contributions of participants; ensuring that financial statements are filed in accordance with regulations; and providing development map services.  Below is a list of tasks for the Public Services Program.

  • Responsible for maintaining Lobbyist Lists database, quarterly and annual (with client listing) distribution, receipt and processing of forms, maintaining appropriate files and responding to inquiries related to the Lobbyist Ordinances
  • Maintain Conflict of Interest Codes, prepare annual distribution and receive and process Conflict of Interest filings, conduct biennial code review (even years), maintain files and respond to inquiries related to Conflict of Interest
  • Prepare and maintain roster of County of San Diego Boards, Commissions and Committees, process appointments and vacancies, maintain appropriate files and reports, and respond to inquiries regarding Boards, Commissions and Committees
  • Responsible for the Master Calendar
  • Maintain copies of the Roster of Appointments of Members of Board of Supervisors to Boards, Commissions and Committees
  • Process Appointments in Lieu of Elections during Presidential and Gubernatorial General Election
  • Process recordation of maps
  • Receive subpoenas, summons, and appeals documents for Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Board and County of San Diego
  • Prepare administrative records
  • Responsible for document numbering log
  • Maintain Reception Desk area
  • Provide Notary Service to the public
  • Conduct notary public training
  • Issue notary bulletins
  • Enroll staff for notary commissioning or re-commissioning
  • Perform regular audits of notary transactions
  • Coordinate Volunteer/Internship program
  • Assist County Department Volunteer Programs with referrals to United Way Volunteer Center and other volunteer resource agencies/organizations and other assistance as appropriate
  • Coordinate suggestion awards program
  • Prepare and manage Public Services Fiscal Year (Operational) Budget
  • Account for revenues and fees as appropriate
  • Coordinate and maintain program pages on the Clerk of the Board Internet
  • Public Agencies: Annual filing with the State of changes in officers of certain Public Agencies, i.e., County Service Areas, Special Districts such as Air Pollution, Flood, Sanitation, etc.
  • Accept United States Passport and Card applications
  • Issue Money Orders
  • Operate cash register
  • Administer Art Halls/Art Walls program
  • Provide backup support to Board General Office
  • Receive Proof of Participation Certificates of Public Service Ethics Education for Board Members
  • Other duties as assigned