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Volunteer Service Program FY12/13 Annual Report

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Pursuant to Board Policy A-130, below is the annual County of San Diego Volunteer Report encompassing the fiscal year period from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. In addition to the consolidated summary listed below, you can click on each department name that has reported utilizing volunteers during this period to view a comprehensive report. These reports provide information on volunteer program benefits, donations to volunteer programs, volunteer program costs, and net benefits to departments, recruiting strategies, special program activities, accomplishments, and department program goals for the upcoming year.

In Fiscal Year 2012/13, the County utilized 29,792 volunteers providing a value to the County of over $40 million. Additionally, $457,473 in monetary and tangible/intangible gifts were donated to volunteer programs.

Click on a department name below to review the department's report.

Department# of VolunteersValueDonations ReceivedNet Program CostBenefit to Department
Air Pollution Control District1$2,701.08$0.00$302.67$2,398.41
Animal Services745$818,493.66$0.00$72,238.60$746,255.06
County Clerk
Auditor and Controller1$16,200.00$0.00$0.00$16,200.00
Board of Supervisors, District 23$23,999.76$0.00$0.00$23,999.76
Board of Supervisors, District 44$13,261.86$0.00$0.00$13,261.86
Board of Supervisors, District 51$2,081.16$0.00$0.00$2,081.16
Child Support Services14$70,825.86$0.00$27,643.20$43,182.66
Clerk of the Board2$8,191.80$0.00$0.00$8,191.80
County Counsel16$75,299.04$0.00$13,224.26$62,074.78
District Attorney162$2,178,255.77$0.00$6,880.00$2,171,375.77
Emergency Services27$63,331.47$0.00$15,715.15$47,616.32
Farm and Home Advisor1,099$6,775,549.01$52,345.00$4,430.40$6,823,463.61
General Services3$28,782.00$0.00$0.00$28,782.00
HHSA Aging & Independence Svcs-Community Unit; Legacy Corps25$52,183.98$0.00$36,324.82$15,859.16
HHSA Aging & Independence Svcs- Long Term Care Ombudsman90$221,488.56$0.00$150,503.20$70,985.36
HHSA Aging & Independence Svcs - RSVP1,844$10,304,863.74$114,175.00$257,993.40$10,161,045.34
HHSA Aging & Independence Svcs - Veteran Services23$509,220.00$0.00$16,540.80$492,679.20
HHSA BHS Adult/Older Adult System of Care Administration2$26,568.00$0.00$2,136.50$24,431.50
HHSA BHS East County Mental Health Clinic  7$67,394.16$0.00$16,278.69$51,115.47
HHSA BHS Edgemoor DPSNF96$68,139.36$3,873.00$12,346.96$59,665.40
HHSA BHS North Central Mental Health Center7$59,158.08$900.00$8,323.28$51,734.80
HHSA BHS North Central Public Health Center3$4,649.40$0.00$1,322.88$3,326.52
HHSA BHS Strengths Based Case Management2$1,682.64$0.00$1,278.00$404.64
HHSA Central Region2$7,284.06$0.00$1,302.22$5,981.84
HHSA South Region56$307,314.71$0.00$91,706.40$215,608.31
HHSA CWS Foster Youth Mentor Program385$239,488.38$214,429.00$123,562.03$330,355.35
HHSA CWS Polinsky Children's Center155$68,036.22$0.00$24,233.00$43,803.22
HHSA North Coastal & North Inland Regions-Community Health Promotion2$8,839.40$0.00$1,129.28$7,710.12
HHSA North Coastal & North Inland Regions-NC Family Resource Center24$70,958.70$0.00$1,309.22$69,649.48
HHSA North Coastal & North Inland Regions-NI Family Resource Center16$58,338.90$0.00$1,458.38$56,880.52
HHSA North Coastal & North Inland Regions-NC Public Health Center1$664.20$0.00$135.48$528.72
HHSA North Coastal & North Inland Regions-NI Public Health Center1$6,974.10$0.00$1,078.25$5,895.85
HHSA Public Health Svcs -Administration1$4,228.74$0.00$817.00$3,411.74
HHSA Public Health Svcs - Emergency Medical Services10$81,740.88$0.00$1,823.03$79,917.85
HHSA Public Health Svcs - Epidemiology & Immunization Services2$5,535.00$0.00$1,275.00$4,260.00
HHSA Public Health Svcs - HIV, STD & Hepatitis Programs1$1,328.40$0.00$408.50$919.90
HHSA Public Health Svcs Maternal, Child and Family Health Services11$14,346.72$0.00$4,297.89$10,048.83
HHSA Public Health Svcs MCFHS - California Children's Services7$13,726.80$0.00$8,723.12$5,003.68
HHSA Public Health Svcs - PHN2$4,428.00$0.00$683.20$3,744.80
HHSA Public Health Svcs - TB Control & Refugee Health3$22,101.12$0.00$569.01$21,532.11
Housing and Community Development1$797.04$0.00$566.10$230.94
Medical Examiner26$86,623.82$0.00$14,969.08$71,654.74
Parks and Recreation3,695$2,349,253.00$1,660.00$371,797.00$1,979,116.00
Planning and Development Services313$1,071,180.18$0.00$33,090.00$1,038,090.18
Public Defender653$3,240,211.14$0.00$709,773.37$2,530,437.77
Public Works13,778$1,521,882.00$0.00$53,100.00$1,468,782.00
Registrar of Voters45$7,970.40$57,100.00$818.40$64,252.00
Sheriff's Department 935$5,641,914.00$12,991.00$632,761.41$5,022,143.59