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Pursuant to the California Public Records Act, the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Division (HMD) has made its permit-related public records available electronically. 

New information (generated daily) is scanned, data entered and posted in a searchable index (website) monthly.

DEH does not guarantee that all information provided on this website is the most recent, accurate, or complete information. The conditions observed and documented during an establishment inspection may have been corrected, and violations may have been abated since the last date of inspection.  

The information provided represents only the conditions observed by the Environmental Health Specialist throughout the course of the inspection. Inspection results do not guarantee the conditions of an establishment at all times, and results should not be relied upon for that purpose.

Website users are responsible for checking the accuracy and completeness of the content provided. DEH is not liable for errors, omissions, or discrepancies, and assumes no liability for claims or damages that result from providing this information. Personal information is redacted from these documents.

DEH does not endorse any permitted establishment.

DEH does not collect or track any personal information on individuals who visit our website.

DEH reserves the right to make changes to this website at any time without notice.

I agree.

County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health
Hazardous Materials Division, PO Box 129261, San Diego, CA 92112-9261