Attention: Our business hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you find a dead bird during our business hours, please complete the information below or call the County Vector Control Program at (888) 551-4636.   For weekend or holiday reporting please call (858)565-5255 for dead bird pickup.  Submissions made on this website during the weekend or holidays will not be picked up.    

Dead birds are one of the earliest warning-signs that West Nile virus or Bird Flu has arrived in an area.  West Nile virus has been found in birds in the United States and in San Diego County.  To date there have been no cases of Bird Flu in birds in the United States or in San Diego County.  

Dead birds should not be touched unless they need to be removed immediately.  If handling dead birds use caution by:

·         Do not touch the dead bird with your bare hands.  

·         Wear gloves or use a shovel to pick the dead bird up.

·         Wear protective eyewear to prevent bird fluids from being splashed into your eyes when the bird is wet, large or covered with feces. 

·         Put the dead bird into two plastic bags.  

·         Wash your hands with soap and water after disposing of the bird. 

Please support the County’s efforts in "Fighting the Bite" by reporting dead birds and preventing the spread of West Nile and Bird Flu.

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If you answer "Yes" to any of the following, the bird will not be picked up for testing, because it will not make a good test specimen.  You may not receive a return phone call.

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Thank you for your participation, and helping to Fight the Bite of West Nile virus and prevent Bird Flu.

For more information on why dead birds are so important to the surveillance of West Nile virus and Bird Flu, please refer to the following references:

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Last Updated: 1-April-2008