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Community Event Permits

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Community Event

 Community Events in San Diego County


What is a Community Event?

A Community Event is defined as an event occurring in an unincorporated area  of San Diego County, sponsored by a bona fide California recognized nonprofit organization or any agency of the federal, State or local government that takes place at a fixed location for four (4) consecutive days or less and is open to the general public

A community event permit (CEP) is different from a temporary event permit. If your event is less than 4 hours, you do not qualify to utilize the CEP process, but this does not exempt you from possibly having to obtain all necessary permits for your event to take place.

If your event is less than 4 hours, contact the Sheriff's Licensing Division (858) 974-2121 to learn if any permits are required for your event. 

Community Event Permits (CEP)

A Community Event Permit (CEP) is a written approval from the County of San Diego to operate a community event.  The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) serves as the coordinator for all Community Event permits and coordinates with other County agencies during the permitting and approval process.

If the event includes the sale of alcohol, the sponsor must apply to DEH prior to obtaining the ABC license.  Also, please note that a non-profit organization shall be entitled to conduct a maximum of 6 community events within a 12 month period. Food vendors operating at these events must obtain a separate Temporary Food Facility permit for each event. The CEP organizer must submit a completed application to DEH no less than thirty (30) days or more than one (1) year prior to the event.

Community Events:   (858) 694-3614 

Community Events e-mail:

Community Events Fax: (858) 505-6998
FHD Duty Specialist:    (858) 505-6900
FHD Duty e-mail:


Completing an Electronic CEP Application

A CEP Application can be obtained online, filled out via Microsoft Office - Word, then submitted via e-mail.  E-mailing your application allows for faster routing and may expedite the processing of your permit. If you need to fax your application, please attention of forms to CEP coordinator (858) 505-6998. 

Per SDCC Sec. 21.203 - An application must be submitted at least 30 days before the first day of the proposed event to allow for adequate processing time and review. Failure to provide a complete application package on time will not allow for a Community Event Permit to be issued.

Important points to remember when completing an online application:

  • You must have Microsoft Office - Word or a program that can open .doc files. 
  • Click the CEP Application link below and save the file. Re-open the application in Microsoft Office - Word.  


  1. California Non-Profit Entity Number (CHECK HERE)
  2. Event site map with the following clearly depicted (hand drawn maps are accepted):
    1. North arrow, along with all streets surrounding event
    2. Main safety/security headquarters
    3. All amplified speakers/generators (with arrows used to point out direction of sound) and stages
    4. All ADA and Regular restrooms available for the event
    5. Parking used for event
    6. All food booth vendors
    7. All other activities occurring at event (i.e. Carnival, Petting Zoo, Beer Garden, Craft Vendors, etc.)
  3. Copy of Certificate of Insurance with proof of general liability (no alcohol served) and/or liquor liability (alcohol served) NOTE: If liquor is being served/consumed, you must obtain Liquor Liability.
  4. Copy of Additional Insurance endorsement - CG 20 12
  5. Copy of any contracts/agreements signed for the event

Email or Fax (858) 505-6998 completed application to CEP Coordinator. The Coordinator will contact you for a Phone or In-Person meeting to discuss any Supplementary Forms required. Failure to provide a complete application package at least 30 days prior to first day of proposed event my not allow for a Community Event Permit to be issued. Changes to your application after submittal may lead to delay or denial of your permit.


Community Events Application and Supporting Documents


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