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Hazardous Materials Division

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Members of the County of San Diego CUPA receiving the 2007 Outstantanding CUPA of the Year Award

Certified Unified Program Agency

The Hazardous Materials Division (HMD) is one of the four divisions of the Department of Environmental Health (DEH). HMD is the Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) for San Diego County responsible for regulating hazardous materials business plans and chemical inventory, hazardous waste and tiered permitting, underground storage tanks, aboveground petroleum storage and risk management plans. HMD is also responsible for regulating medical waste.

HMD's goal is to protect human health and the environment by ensuring that hazardous materials, hazardous waste, medical waste and underground storage tanks are properly managed. To accomplish this goal, the HMD has several programs working with the regulated community and the public.

NEW: From keeping tabs on hazardous wastes to emergency response, find out more about the Department of Environmental Health Hazardous Materials Division in this brief video clip.

ATTENTION - CERS is now Available:  Starting January 1, 2013 all CUPA regulated businesses are required by law (Assembly Bill 2286) to submit business information electronically through the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). This includes information related to your:

  • Unified Program Facility Permit
  • Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP)
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Hazardous Waste Onsite Treatment
  • Hazardous Waste Tank Closures
  • Remote Waste Consolidation
  • Recyclable Materials Reports
  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
  • Aboveground petroleum storage over 1,320 gallons (APSA/SPCC)

CERS has already been pre-populated with your existing facility information and is available to you through the CERS Business Portal.  For directions on how to access your facility information, please refer to our CERS Information website.  

»Aboveground Petroleum Storage»Hazardous Waste Program
»Automotive Businesses»Hazardous Waste Treatment
»Biodiesel»Medical Waste Program
»CalARP»Methamphetamine Clean-Up Program
»CERS Information»Permits
»Complaints »Pollution Prevention
»Dispute Resolution for CUPA Violations»Public Records
»Emergency Response - HIRT»Publications (guidance, newsletters, etc.)
»EPIC+ (Labs & Biotechs)»Reporting Spills or Releases
»Fees»Underground Storage Tanks
»Forms»U.S. Mexico Border
»Hazardous Materials Business Plan 

More about our programs

The California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program works with local businesses to reduce the likelihood and severity of off-site consequences from releases of very toxic materials (e.g., ammonia gas, chlorine gas).

The Complaint Desk receives several hundred complaints each year related to hazardous materials, hazardous waste, medical waste or underground storage tanks. Complaints received at (858) 505-6657 are forwarded to the Area Specialists or a referral is made to the appropriate agency.

The CUPA Program conducts inspections of businesses that handle hazardous materials, hazardous waste, medical waste and/or underground storage tanks.

The goal of the San Diego Area Green Business Program is to encourage "green" practices among businesses in the region by offering tools to implement more efficient and sustainable business operations.  

The Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT) responds to over 400 chemically related emergencies or complaints each year. The program is funded through a Joint Powers Agreement and serves all unincorporated San Diego County areas, 18 municipalities, four military bases, and four Indian Reservations.

The Hazardous Materials Duty Desk provides up to date information to the regulated community and to the public regarding the management, storage or disposal of hazardous materials, hazardous waste and medical waste, as well as the proper management of underground storage tanks. E-mail Duty Specialist.

The Pollution Prevention Specialist provides small businesses with information on how to incorporate pollution prevention into their operations and reduce their generation of hazardous and solid wastes.

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Group provides plan check services to all UST facilities and inspection services to retail facilities that operate underground storage tanks.
Watch the UST Inspection Video and the UST Removal Process Video or theFacility Hazardous Materials & Waste Inspection.

The US/Mexico Border Inspection Program, under contract with the Department of Toxic Substances Control, monitors the Otay Mesa and Tecate ports of entry for illegal shipments of hazardous waste.

HMD Permits: Phone Number (858) 505-6661  Fax Number (858) 505-6848