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APSA Inspector Course

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oil drums

A Course for Unified Program Agencies

Assembly Bill (AB) 1130 of 2007 required Unified Program Agencies (UPA) to implement the California Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA). AB 1130 also required inspector training and testing as part of this implementation. Cal/EPA developed an initial training and testing program with assistance from the California Specialized Training Institute and their contractor, ESCI, an Orange County consulting firm. The San Diego County CUPA worked with ESCI and Cal/EPA to develop online training for UPA Staff and inspectors. This training is limited to UPA Staff and inspectors and you must pre-register.  

If you are an employee of a UPA interested in taking the training for testing and certification contact Kelly Robertson at to register. You must cc: your Supervisor and include your agency name, phone number and mailing address on the registration e-mail.  

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam, certification will be issued by Cal/EPA.  A  presentation on facility compliance and how to complete the Tier I template is available for regulated facilities at

*IMPORTANT* If you are a Unified Program inspector requiring training and testing, first register through the e-mail address above. 

Module ACourse Introduction & Overview19 minutes
Module BCalifornia Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act - APSA50 minutes
Module CFederal Oil Spill Prevention Program - SPCC33 minutes
Module D-1APSA General Applicability3 hours & 5 minutes
Module D-2Exempt Facilities31 minutes
Module D-3APSA Types of Aboveground Storage Tanks2 hours & 42 minutes
Module ETypes of APSA Tank Facilities58 minutes
Module FIntroduction to APSA Inspections & Safety1 hour & 12 minutes
Module G-1SPCC Rule Organization50 minutes
Module G-2Plan Reviews and Amendments30 minutes
Module H-1APSA/SPCC Compliance and Plan Review1 hour
Module H-2Required Inspections and Integrity Testing2 hours & 25 minutes
Module H-3Regularly Scheduled Integrity Testing & Training45 minutes
Module I-1Facility Diagram, Security and Spill Prediction1 hour
Module I-2The APSA Tank Inspection2 hours & 35 minutes
Module I-3Loading Racks and General Containment1 hour & 40 minutes
Module I-4Other Field Compliance Requirements1 hour
Module JImpracticability and Environmental Equivalence25 minutes
EXAM40 Questions 
TOTAL TIME 22 hours & 30 minutes

When you register you will receive an e-mail with links to the course curriculum and handouts.  Additional handouts, including helpful reference materials for this course, are available on the Cal CUPA Forum APSA Webpage which can be found at