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EPIC+ Program & Eligibility

EPIC+ Home

EPIC+ online training

Application to Participate in EPIC+

EPIC+ History - The Pilot Project

Top 10 Violations – An Evolution

Business Must Meet All Required Performance Standards

Performance Standards - Business must have:

  • A valid Unified Program Facility Permit in good standing.  Please submit through the CERS website
  • Been inspected by HMD within the last 18 months and not overdue for inspection
  • Submitted a complete EPIC+ application to HMD
  • Had 2 or fewer Class II or minor violations and no significant violations at their last inspection
  • Have at least one business employee attend the EPIC+ workshop or complete online training as available. Employee must attend EPIC+ workshop or complete EPIC+ online training course at least every twelve months.
  • Rated less than 15 points during HMD compliance inspections.
    • Businesses already in the program scoring 15 or more points during a compliance inspection will be ineligible to continue in the EPIC+ program.
  • Had at least 2 HMD inspections.
    • New facilities are eligible after the initial inspection if parent business achieved all performance standards.
  • Had the same business operator for the last two HMD inspections.
    • A change of ownership may have caused a change in facility operator.

Failure to maintain performance standards will trigger return to an 18-month inspection interval and standard fee schedule.

Eligible businesses will benefit from:

  • Decreased inspection frequency from once every 18 months to once every 36 months.
    • Large quantity generators of medical waste or underground storage tank operators will have an abbreviated 12-month inspection covering medical waste and/or USTs.
  • 25% reduction in the Unified Program Facility Permit base fee, the hazardous waste fees and/or the hazardous materials fees.

Scoring System

EPIC Significant Violations - Each Significant Violation is worth 15 points

  1. No Unified Program Facility Permit
  2. No EPA ID number
  3. Operating a Treatment Storage Disposal Facility (TSDF) without authorization
  4. Failed to notify CUPA of Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment
  5. Incompatibles stored in the same container
  6. Container incompatible with waste
  7. Unauthorized disposal to land or sewer
  8. Unlawful transportation of hazardous waste
  9. Waste transported without a manifest
  10. Failure to report a release/threatened release
  11. Enclosure or designated accumulation area for medical waste containers not secured
  12. Medical Waste treated by unapproved method or procedure

Incidental Violations - Each Incidental Violation is worth 2 points

  1. No records of lead-acid battery disposal.
  2. Annual carcinogen and reproductive toxin list not submitted to HMD.
  3. Medical Solid Waste is not secured to deny access to unauthorized persons.

Class II or minor violations - Each worth 5 points

All other violations

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