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Hazardous Materials Division Newsletter

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The most current Environmental Press - Summer 2009 is available.

In addition, previous Environmental Press issues are listed below along with a link to download the issue you are interested in reading.  

December 2008
  • HMD’s Featured Employee – Keith Waara
  • Annual UST Inspection & Testing
  • RMP Perspectives - Hazard Analysis
  • APSA
  • Home-Generated Sharps
  • Treated Wood Waste Management Requirements
  • HMD’s Outreach Corner
  • HMD-CUPA of the Year
  • Negocio Verde Env. Justice

October 2006

  • HMD's Featured Employee: Dave Cammall
  • RMP Perspectives
  • Release Reporting
  • Radiation Safety - Dental Practices
  • Perchlorate Regulations
  • Maggots, Leeches and Fetal
    Pigs - Waste Determination
  • ACS Students Visit HMD
  • HMD’s Outreach Corner
  • HMD Exceeds Performance Measures Goal

May 2006

  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Amy Seigel
  • UST Compliance-Employee Certifications
  • DEH Disaster Preparedness
  • RMP Perspectives
  • Negocio Verde Task Force
  • Changes to the Manifest
  • HMD's Outreach Corner
  • Gary Erbeck wins 2006 Beverlee A. Myers Award
February 2006
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Michael Vizzier
  • P2 in the Textile Cleaning Industry
  • 2005 Biennial Reporting
  • UST Plan Check Requirements
  • HMD is Going Paperless
  • Tier II Reporting in San Diego County
  • The Christmas Train
September 2005
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee:  Maria Martinez
  • Seven Easy Steps to P2 and Sustainability
  • Radiation Incident? Take two pills...
  • Filling out Monthly Designated Operator Reports
  • Clandestine Lab Chemicals at the Border
  • Designated Operator Requirements
  • First Regional Environmental Symposium
March 2005
  • Chief's Notes 
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Susan Hahn
  • 3-Mile Island 25 Years ago...
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Hazardous Waste Containers
  • Designated Owner Operator Requirements for UST Facilities
  • Administrative Enforcement Orders
September 2004
  • Chief's Notes 
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Romina Lopez
  • Unified Program Facility Permit Basics
  • DEH & CEHA at the Science and Engineer Fair
  • Hazardous Waste Containers
  • Hazardous Waste Tank Workgroup Update
  • Step by Step Guide to Tiered Permitting
  • Engineering Assessments for Hazardous Waste Tank
  • HMD visits local schools
March 2004
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Cecilia Diaz
  • Radon-A Real Danger?
  • Green Business Program
  • Why is it Hazardous?
  • BMPs-Hazardous Waste Containers
  • Tiered Permitting-What is it all about?
  • Enhanced Leak Detection
  • New Training Regulations-USTs
December 2003
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Ron Yonemitsu 
  • Hazardous Waste Containers
  • USTs: New Testing Requirements
  • Blue Tag, Red Tag, Old Tag...
  • HMD's Golf Tournament
  • Border Notification Agreement
  • Community Change
  • Hazardous Materials Plan Check
  • HMD's Data Management
  • New HMD's Stickers
August 2003
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Nick Vent
  • Medical Waste vs. Biohazardous Waste
  • Medical Waste. One pick-up per week?
  • Dirty Bombs
  • CalARP
  • HMD's Border & Outreach Program
  • Testing UST Spill Buckets
  • Secondary Containment Testing
  • UST-Financial Assistance 
  • We've Moved-Radiology Program
March 2003
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Mike Handman
  • Potassium Iodide and a Nuclear Incident 
  • Handling Mercury Wastes Emergency Response 
  • Automotive Repair in the 21st Century 
  • Hybrid Cars Make $en$e
December 2002
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Margaret Nyaga
  • Peter Piper Picked... 
  • How Automobile Airbags Work & Hazardous Waste Concerns 
  • La Paz Agreement 
  • SB 989-Secondary Containment Testing 
  • Radiological Health Program: A case of Overexposure 
  • A New Way of Plating Can Be Hazardous For Your Health
December 2001
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee: Sean Anderson
  • Radiological Health Program: What exactly is it? 
  • Universal Waste 
  • HMD Plan Check Process
  • Process Preparing Used Oil for recycling 
  • Enforcement: Proposed Consistent Administrative Enforcement
June 2001
  • Chief's Notes
  • HMD's Featured Employee-Aura Quecan 
  • CalARP: (Part 1-The Program) 
  • Medical Waste: Changes to the San Diego County Ordinance 
  • Senate Bill 989: How does it affect UST Tank Owners & Operators?
  • Enforcement: What does it all mean?  
  • Hazardous Materials Division's Re-Inspection Fees
  • New Fee Schedule 
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