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Pollution Prevention Resources

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Pollution Prevention in Health Care:

California Department of Public Health:Mercury Elimination in Healthcare
Healthcare Pollution Prevention Conference 2005 Proceedings


US EPA Health Care Fact Sheets:

Eliminating Mercury in Hospitals

Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals

Reusable Totes, Blue Wrap Recycling and Composting

Replacing Ethylene Oxide and Glutaraldehyde


Automotive/Vehicle Service Repair Project Fact Sheets (English & Spanish):

California EPA, DTSC


Metal Finishing Pollution Prevention:
US EPA and National Metal Finishing Association Pollution Prevention Project

  • Innovative Cooling Systems for Hard Chrome Plating
  • Modifying tank Layouts to Improve Efficiency
  • Reducing Rinse Water Use with Conductivity Controls
  • Finding an Alternative to Solvent Degreasing
  • Metal Recovery and Wastewater Reduction Using Electrowinning
  • Extending Electroless Nickel bath Life Using Electrodialysis
  • Extending Metal Finishing Bath Life
  • Pollution Prevention Resource Center Topic Hubs: Metal Finishing

Pollution Prevention for the General Public:

Earth 911: Citizen's guide to pollution prevention

Pollution Prevention for Daily Business Life:

San Diego Clean Fuels Coalition: Alternative Fuel Vehicles
San Diego County Water Authority: Water Conservation
California Integrated Waste Management Board: Solid Waste Reduction
SDG&E Business Express Efficiency: Energy Conservation
State of California "Flex Your Power" Energy Conservation Site
US EPA Pollution Prevention Clearinghouse Resource List
US Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network

For more information about Pollution Prevention, please e-mail Kelly Robertson, Pollution Prevention Specialist or contact by phone at (858) 505-6780.  The HMD Duty Specialist is also available at (858) 505-6880 or toll free (800) 253-9933, Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

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