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How to Prepare Your Own SPCC Plan

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On-line Course for Tier I Qualified Facilities 

The following course, How to Prepare Your Own SPCC Plan, was developed by ESCI EnviroServices, Inc. (ESCI) under a contract with the County of San Diego. The California CUPA Forum web site has links to specific handouts which complement the course. Additional material on the APSA program can be found at the Cal/EPA web site or can be requested directly from ESCI or from other vendors offering APSA-related services. Regulated owners and operators are of course responsible for compliance with the APSA and its implementing regulations without regard for the contents of secondary training or guidance materials.

How to Prepare Your Own SPCC Plan:  A Step by Step Guide for Tier I Qualified Facilities Using the U.S. EPA SPCC Template

  • Each module can be stopped and restarted as you need.
  • You may view any or all of the modules.
  • Quizzes at the end of modules are optional.
  • Please download the following documents to enhance your training experience.
 Tier I Template (PDF)Link to PowerPoint Handouts
Sample Tier I Template TablesSample AST Inspection Checklist
Additional Handouts at CalCUPA.netSample Combination Inspection Checklist
Module I - Introduction to the Modules, the Instructor, SPCC & APSA (66 minutes)
Module II - Introduction to the SPCC Plan Tier I Template (20 minutes)
Module III - Facility Description, Plan Review, Amendments & Oil Storage List (28 minutes)
Module IV - Secondary Containment, Oil Spill Control & Spill Prediction (115 minutes)
Module V - Inspections, Testing, Record Keeping & Personnel Training (61 minutes)
Module VI - Security, Emergency Procedures, Notification & Spill Reporting (29 minutes)
Module VII - General Rule Requirements & Course Review (58 minutes)
DEH is pleased to present this course to assist you in preparing your SPCC Plan. This course is newly developed and will continue to be revised. Please send us your feedback including corrections or suggestions for

After completing the course, please answer our short survey to help us provide better training.
PowerPoint Handouts: Their use is optional.
Module I Module V
Module IIModule VI
Module IIIModule VII
Module IV 
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