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The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) formerly the CIWMB
Solid Waste Information System

Solid Waste Program

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The County of San Diego Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) has the primary responsibility for ensuring the proper operation, permitting and closure of solid waste facilities, operations and disposal sites in San Diego County, excluding the City of San Diego. They also have responsibilities for ensuring the review and approval of postclosure land use activities at closed solid waste disposal sites.  The LEA works to protect public health, safety and the well being of our communities and environment from the impacts of solid waste management/recycling and disposal by:

  • Preventing environmental damage from existing and future solid waste facilities and operations through careful and thorough permit management, inspection, enforcement, complaint response and education.
  • Maintaining all active Solid Waste Facility Permits within our jurisdiction with up to date information and consistent with current laws and regulations.
  • Completing all required inspections at each active and closed facility and taking appropriate enforcement actions as necessary.
  • Ensuring quick response to complaints received regarding facilities, operations or disposal sites within the jurisdiction of the LEA and taking appropriate enforcement actions as necessary.
  • Maintaining LEA certification in good standing with the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle formerly the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB)).
  • Promoting interagency cooperation with all entities involved in solid waste management and disposal in San Diego County.
  • Maintaining communication with CalRecylce as well as other local enforcement and regulatory agencies.
  • Embracing and promoting CalRecycle’s Goal of “ZERO WASTE” through recycling, reuse and diversion in order to preserve resources and valuable landfill capacity for future generations.

Information on solid waste facilities, operations and disposal sites regulated by the LEA, including their current permit status, certain related documents and inspection results can all be reviewed on the CalRecycle Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) website.  A link to the SWIS is provided under the related links section on this page.

Public Notices - Proposed Solid Waste Facility Permit Activity

The following public notices are provided to interested parties related to solid waste facilities or operations.  Some of these notices are legally required and others are provided for information only.  These notices are grouped by facility name and number and can be viewed using the links provided below.


Otay Construction Demolition and Inert Debris Processing Facility 37-AA-0973


Notice Type

Description of AmendmentDate AcceptedStatutory Timeline WaivedContacts

Public Notice for an application for a Medium Volume Construction Demolition/Inert Debris Processing Facility

 This project is an existing construction and demolition/inert debris processing facility. The proposed amendment to the facility plan requires the operator to submit a new application for review and processing. The amendments include the hand processing of CDI debris, added equipment, and typographical corrections.  The operational area, tonnages, hours of operation, and traffic will remain the same.   The types of materials permitted under this new application do not differ from those already handled at this facility.7/9/2014N/A  Anthony Torres


Additional Information