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Marina Gateway Redevelopment Project

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Map overview of Gateway Marina Redevelopment Project.

Historically, industrial land uses were common along the harbor in National City.  In 2000, Community Development Commission of the City of National City (CDC) initiated the redevelopment of the Harbor District and requested that the State Site Designation Committee designate the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health ("County DEH") as the Administering Agency to oversee the Site Investigation and Remedial Action for the redevelopment.

Since 2000, the County DEH has overseen the clean up of the environmental contamination associated with past industrial practices in the area.  To date, an estimated 35,130 cubic yards of contaminated soil has been mitigated throughout the redevelopment area.

The Marina Gateway Redevelopment Project is part of the overall development of the harbor District.  This redevelopment project is generally bounded by Paradise Marsh to the south, Bay Marina Drive (24th Street) to the north, the I-5 Freeway to the east, and Marina Way to the west, in the City of National City.

San Diego County Map | Vicinity Map | Site Map

General Information

 June 1, 2007

The County DEH is hereby notifying support agencies, interested persons, and the public of its intention to issue CDC a Certificate of Completion for the Marina Gateway Redevelopment Project. To review the public notice and related documents, click on the links below.

Issuance of a Certificate of Completion documents the County DEH's determination that subsurface environmental investigation and clean-up actions within the Marina Gateway Redevelopment Project have been satisfactorily completed.  Further, it documents the County DEH's determination that the responsible parties have complied with all state and local laws, regulations, and standards applicable to environmental investigation and clean-up actions.

The period for this public review and comment is sixty (60) days and will conclude at 5pm on July 31, 2007.  E-mail your written comments to Nasser Sionit  at the County DEH , P.O. Box 129261 , San Diego , CA 92112-9261.

Draft Certificate of Completion

Supporting Documents

Additional Information Related to Property Redevelopment

Please forward your comments to Nasser Sionit. If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Sionit at (858) 505-6795.