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Spring Planting and Grafting

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Original air date: March 2005

March is a great time of year to start getting your garden prepared for spring growth. This means pruning any overgrown areas and planting new selections.

Tom and crew are at the nursery to do just that in a messy stock plant garden that needs some work. We start, though, in Tom’s native garden to show how lush these landscapes can look during this time of year.

We also get a great lesson in grafting, as Tom adds multiple varieties of apples to a single tree. March is a great time to graft deciduous trees, since the plants are awakening from their winter dormancy and the weather is still cool. Then we head over to the propagation table to learn how to multiply our garden by dividing common varieties of landscape plants to create mass plantings.

Get the list of native plants Tom mentioned in his garden, or a list of the plants Tom installed in his Mediterranean garden.