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Noise Abatement Program

Good Neighbor Program

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Aircraft noise, especially around airports is not only a local issue, across the world aircraft noise is of concern to many who experience it.  Gillespie Field’s Good Neighbor Program has been established to try and assist those who both use the airport or live near to it to understand more of this issue.

Good Neighbor Program is not able to stop aircraft from flying or making noise, nor can it remove houses.  What we do hope to achieve is a better understanding of the issues involved in the hope that it will ease some of the frustrations surrounding such concerns.

Gillespie Field’s Good Neighbor Program is run by the County of San Diego , Department of Public Works Airports Division.  This group runs the airport, it does not control the aircraft or the airspace around the airport.  However, as public employees we try and do what we can to educate all involved and act as a clearing house for questions and concerns.

Voluntary Noise Abatement Program 
Discourage 10-pm - 7 am touch and go operations 
Discourage 10pm to 7 am jet operations
Encourage training operations at other airports
Encourage touch and go operations on Runway 27R when able
Runway 17 preferred noise abatement departure when tower closed

27L touch and go Pattern 
Helicopter touch and go Patterns

Community outreach

To report noise problems, please click here.


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