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Reducing Problems With Your Sewer

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The quality of your wastewater is important to ensure the proper functioning of your household plumbing and the sewer agency collection system.  There are a few things you can do to prevent problems:

  • Fats, grease and oils should never be poured down the drain. They can solidify in your lines and cause your system to fail, resulting in potentially large plumbing repair bills. Fats, grease, and oil also cause excessive buildup within the sewer agency collection system, thereby raising the costs of maintenance and disposal for the sewer agency. These costs are reflected in increased sewer service charges that are passed back to the sewer system customers.

  • Garbage grinders should be used in moderation. Sewer systems are intended to be used for the treatment and disposal of human wastes and wash waters normally generated by households. 

  • The disposal of other solids in the sewer, such as coffee grounds, disposable diapers, cat box litter, sanitary napkins, tampons, plastics, facial tissues, and paper towels add to the cost of treatment and disposal of wastewater. Please dispose of these items in your trash.

  • Use household cleansers, disinfectants, and bleaches in moderation. 

  • Do not put any toxic or hazardous materials, such as paints, thinners, waste oils, photographic solutions, or insecticides, into a sewer system.

Your cooperation in following these guidelines is appreciated and will help in providing quality service with the lowest possible cost.

If you have any questions about what is appropriate to dispose in the sewer system, please call the San Diego County Sanitation District at (858) 514-4990. 

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