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Flood Control Grant Project: Woodside Ave.

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Woodside Avenue Water Quality Basin: Effectiveness Assessment of Extended Detention Basin

Water quality and bioassessment monitoring were conducted to assess the effectiveness of the Woodside Avenue Extended Detention Basin (EDB) Best Management Practice (BMP). Water quality monitoring consisted of monitoring flow and collecting flow weighted composite samples during storm events and dry weather periods at the two influent sources of the basin and the downstream effluent location as water leaves the basin.

The samples were then analyzed by an analytical laboratory. Water quality monitoring equipment consisted of American Sigma 950 OptiFlo Flow meter, 900MAX peristaltic sampler, 1000 wireless modem, and a tipping bucket rain gauge. Bioassessment monitoring, which consists of assessing the benthic macroinvertebrate (aquatic organisms) population in the stream, was conducted prior to construction and following construction of the basin (after establishment of vegetation). By comparing the water quality of the influent water versus the effluent water, and improvement of the benthic macroinvertebrate population, an effectiveness assessment of the basin can be drawn.

Additionally, from preconstruction until the initial monitoring was completed, photo documentation was conducted at pre-established photo points within the basin to document the progress of the basin. A survey of the vegetation that established within the basin was also conducted.

Please follow the links at the bottom of this page to view reports on the effectiveness assessment of the Woodside Avenue basin. The water quality and bioassessment monitoring for the project was performed and documented by Weston Solutions.

Detention Basin prior to establishment of vegetationDetention basin after vegetation established
Water Quality Basin prior to establishment of vegetation

Extended Detention Basin following establishment of vegetation

Scientist monitor equipmentAmerican Sigma Monitoring Equipment
Scientists Program Monitoring EquipmentAmerican Sigma Monitoring Equipment


[ Final Photo Document Rev. 7/5/06 ] [ Draft Woodside Basin Interim Report Rev. 7/16/06 ] [ Technical Approach ]

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