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Culverts Being Given New Life in San Diego County

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As a result of federal stimulus funding, the County of San Diego Department of Public Works is embarking on numerous infrastructure improvements ranging from road repair to bridge resurfacing, and from a major traffic signal interconnect project to airport taxiway repair. Another project is the repair of ten culverts in the unincorporated areas of the County.

Many of these culverts have been in place for several decades, and are showing their age. Accumulated silt and gravel, and even tree stumps are impeding the flow of water through these under-the-road water conveyance systems. Some of the pipes have rusted so badly at the bottom there is nothing left.

The much-needed repair includes cleaning out all the accumulated mud and debris, laying rebar, and then five inches of concrete at the bottom with a 45-degree slope at the ends to prevent erosion. This repair adds structural support to the culvert and the concrete conveys storm water runoff downstream, preventing it from overflowing the roadway. It also does not require tearing up the roadway, disrupting traffic, and laying new pipe. It is expedient, cost-effective, and can add many years of life to the culvert – effectively saving taxpayer dollars.

The ongoing culvert repair in San Diego County is another example of DPW – Working For You.