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Administrative Deposit Guidelines

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In accordance with County Board of Supervisors Policy, B-29, Fees, Grants, Revenue Contracts - Department Responsibility for Cost Recovery, each County department is responsible for the recovery of the full cost, to the extent legally possible, of services provided to agencies or individuals outside the County of San Diego organization. Reimbursement will be for the full cost of all services, with the exception of costs that are disallowed by statute or by regulations of State and/or Federal governments, or unless the Board of Supervisors formally determines to waive all or a portion of such costs. 

An Administrative Deposit will be submitted by all potential lessees interested in negotiating with the County of San Diego. The Administrative Deposit is non-refundable, does not constitute approval and cannot be applied towards any future payments. The Administrative Deposit will be utilized by Real Estate Services Division to fund an appraisal, engineering services or reimburse the Real Estate Services staff costs associated with negotiating and drafting an agreement. The amount of the Administrative Deposit will be determined by the complexity and estimated number of staff hours required to complete each agreement. As an example, the Administrative Deposit for the negotiation of a lease to construct a wireless antenna on County property is presently eight thousand five hundred ($8,500) dollars. An administrative processing deposit will be required for request for leases, easements or rights, permits, utility vacation action, consent letters, right of access or any action that requires staff processing services.