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Surveying Section

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The Surveying Section of Real Estate Services provides right-of-way office survey services to other County Departments and to the public for certain private development requirements. This section processes a wide range of projects such as street improvements, sewer and drainage constructions, land acquisitions for parks, sheriff substations, library sites and other County-funded projects. This section also maintains public records of County land ownership and assists the private sector on land development projects.

Right-of-way survey services for County projects include the preparation of maps, deeds, legal descriptions, and exhibits for:

• County-funded land acquisition and sale of County surplus property
• Vacation or abandonment of County road utility easements
• Condemnation/eminent domain cases
• County road improvements
• Drainage, sewer, and other County utility projects

The Surveying Section also prepares and reviews various types of mandatory dedications for private developers in compliance with conditions on placed on land development projects by land-use regulating County departments, such as Public Works and Planning and Land Use. To process these dedications, clients/developers are required to submit various items listed in the Mandatory Dedication Application.