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San Diego County Grand Jury Members

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Avery, Steven A.2SanteeRetired Information Systems Management
Blakney, Lynette G.4San DiegoRetired Educator
Bouffard, William L.4San DiegoRetired Executive Manager
Carpinelli, Joseph R.3San DiegoRetired Educator
Dunn, Burma B.1Chula VistaRetired AT&T Operations Manager
Grosch, Patricia A.2PowayRetired Project Administrator/Manager
Haw, Gregory W.3EscondidoRetired Real Estate Agent/Writer
Hobson, Nekita O.5VistaRetired Public Affairs Consultant
Hobson, Richard F.5VistaRetired Plumber/Pipefitter
Howard, Willard H.1Chula VistaRetired U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer
Krunglevich, William5VistaRetired Law Enforcement
Ny, Gregory L.1San DiegoRetired Construction Manager
de Silva, Lixya Preston2El CajonRetired County of San Diego Senior Board Assistant
Rawson, Helen D.3San DiegoRetired Registered Nurse
Stanford, Richard A.4La JollaRetired Software Engineer
Stein, Melvyn B.2Spring ValleyRetired Attorney
Stierer, Leonard H.5OceansideProcess Technician
Weiner, Edward C.3San DiegoRetired Federal Prosecuter
Williams, Caroleen L.1CoronadoDirector, Government & Media Relations

Foreman: Gregory L. Ny

A retired construction management company owner is the foreperson of the newly selected San Diego County Grand Jury. Gregory L. Ny, 63, and eighteen other San Diego County residents began serving the community as Grand Jurors on July 8, 2013.

“I had a friend that served on one of the past Grand Juries. Based on conversations with him, I thought that this would a be a rewarding experience and a great way to give back to the community,” says Ny.

The California Constitution mandates that a group of at least 19 citizens in each county be selected and dedicated to a year of full-time “watchdog” service evaluating and investigating the workings of local government.

“As a ‘watchdog’ for the citizens of S. D. County; I am hopeful that this Grand Jury will be able to make an impact on the system and address the citizens’ complaints in a manner that will both help the community and make the effected agency or organizations a better place,” says Ny.