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Family to Family

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Family to Family

 Family to Family East Region

For more information phone 619-401-3800 or send us an email.

Facilities where this Service is offered:

Family to Family Initiative East Region

Whatever it takes, until it takes, one kid at a time...

Neighborhoods for Kids – East County strives to keep abused and neglected children in safe, familiar placements and in their same school.

The County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency’s East Region partnered with schools and other community groups to align child welfare service delivery with school boundaries. Child welfare staff work in 5 geographic clusters—creating opportunities to nurture relationships with school personnel, foster parents, service organizations, non-profit organizations, law enforcement, faith-based groups, and other public agencies.

These neighborhood-based relationships allow kids to remain in familiar environments—with relatives or family friends, or maintain same school enrollment.

All East County children reported to the Child Abuse Hotline, or who are dependents of the Juvenile Court, are served by Neighborhoods for Kids.


Framework to Improve Child Safety, Well-Being and Permanency

Define the Structure

  • Child Welfare Services works best when services are delivered in a way that enhances relationship building in neighborhoods.
  • A review of workload data and discussions with community partners and CWS customers will allow each CWS jurisdiction to create their own, unique structural model that will make service delivery and relationship-building more efficient.

Focus on Educational Achievement

  • Healthy child development and learning are two basic needs for children.
  • Children do best when education and child welfare service systems work together.  The two systems working in concert can produce better protective outcomes for kids.
  • By working closely with schools, Neighborhoods for Kids has been successful in keeping children in their same schools.  Research indicates each educational move can set a child back 4 to 6 months in their academic progress.

Form Key Partnerships through Relationships

  • Genuine relationships were formed with school personnel and caregivers (foster parents, extended family and friends) and nurtured with other strategic partners (community collaboratives, service organizations, non-profit organizations, faith-based groups, and other public agencies).

Outcome Focused/Data Driven Discussions

  • Child Welfare Services seeks to ensure child safety, well-being and permanency.
  • "Real time" trend data must be routinely gathered, analyzed and interpreted.
  • Discussions about system-level performance ensure that positive outcomes are successfully achieved--use data to drive dialogue.

Unified Communications - The Power of Marketing

  • Ensures agreement on focus and priorities.
  • Allows the ability to coordinate diverse efforts.
  • Provides clear direction and keeps everyone on the same track.
  • Ensures cohesiveness and continuity of internal and external communications.

Employee Engagement & Strengths-Based Management; Vision and Core Values

  • Applied Gallup's 4 keys of great management and 12 basic elements/ needs all people have to be fulfilled at work; identified, grew and applied individual employee strengths.
  • High levels of employee engagement lead to improved performance, increased productivity, better customer satisfaction, better retention and a safer workplace.
  • Vision and core values: define a dream that moves the heart of those you lead; define beliefs that underpin what you are doing that will never change.

Neighborhoods for Kids Vision:

All East County children are surrounded by familiar people and places that encourage them to thrive

Over the past three years, HHSA East Region re-designed the way Child Welfare Services is delivered in East County and named the initiative Neighborhoods for Kids. Neighborhoods for Kids East County is committed to a "whatever-it-takes approach" to safely keep abused and neglected children in their school and community when it is not possible to keep them with their parents. We know that keeping children connected to their school, friends and community leads to better outcomes for the child's health and well being, including academic achievement. Neighborhoods for Kids (N4K) partners with schools and other community groups to align child welfare service delivery with the school boundaries. Organized into five smaller geographic clusters, the program relies on a community-based approach using public-private partnerships to meet the needs of families in East County. These community-based relationships allow children to remain in familiar environments, either with relatives or kin, or in foster homes within their same school boundaries.

Neighborhoods for Kids makes use of Way Station foster homes that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Way Station homes allow children to remain in a home environment until a relative or familiar family can be located for a more permanent placement. While in a Way Station home, children continue to attend their home school.

Neighborhoods for Kids focuses on the safety and well being of a child and family to bring stability to the child's life.


For more information phone 619-401-3800 or send us an email.