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Family to Family
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Family to Family

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Family to Family

Family to Family is a family-centered, neighborhood-based approach helping children, families and communities. It is best to care for and treat children in their own homes, and if not possible, in their own communities. Neighborhoods are the primary source of opportunity and support for families.

For more information phone 858-514-6634 or send us an email.

Facilities where this Service is offered:


Family to Family Overview

For more information phone 858-514-6634 or send us an email.

What works in one community might not work in another. Integrating a more family-centered, neighborhood-based services approach will look and feel different in each community. Integration of this approach into daily practice requires partnerships, strong relationships and true collaboration.

The primary goal of the Family to Family program is to see a diminished need for new out-of-home placement facilities by achieving:

  • Speedier reunification
  • Lower rates of recidivism
  • More family involvement
  • Better foster home retention


The Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO), funded through a federal grant, is facilitating the implementation of Family to Family programs in San Diego and other participating counties throughout California and other states. PCSAO conducts periodic training and on-going consultation.

Regional Activities

There are a variety of Family to Family program activities in each Region including:

  • Family Team Meetings (out-of-home placement)
  • Community/Neighborhood Partnerships (schools, churches, local agencies and businesses)
  • Local/Targeted Foster Home recruitment
  • Partnerships with Foster Family Caregivers

All Regions conduct regular Guiding Group meetings, have active Self-Evaluation teams and have representation in the Agency Guiding Group.

Other established activities which support the Family to Family approach include:

  • Family-involved case planning
  • Family Unity Meetings (Family Case Conferencing)

Family Team Meetings

Family Team Meetings for out-of home placements are an integral part of the Family to Family project. The Family Team Meeting has 3 participants; the parent, the social worker, and the foster parent. The meeting should occur within the initial 7 days that the child has been placed in the new home and should focus entirely on meeting the child's needs. This meeting makes the transition in placement easier for the child and enhances the relationship between the parent and foster parent.

Regional Coordinators




SouthLaura Quintanilla(619) 336-5775
EastKim Giardina(619) 401-3621
CentralAndrea Jackson(619) 338-2080
North CentralTerri Zinner(858) 694-5438
North CoastalAna Daugherty(760) 754-3570
North InlandRon Coleman(760) 480-3480
AgencywideLeesa Rosenberg(858) 514-6634


For more information phone 858-514-6634 or send us an email.