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Safe4Baby is an educational outreach campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about issues that are crucial to the health and safely of babies and small children. Safe4Baby focuses on educating parents and caregivers about four primary areas: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Safe Sleeping, Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Safely Surrendered Baby Law.

For more information send us an email or phone 858.694.5413.

Safely Surrender Locations


About Safe4Baby

Safe4Baby is an educational and outreach campaign to inform parents and caregivers about issues that can affect the health and well being of their infants and small children.

The campaign focuses on four primary areas of baby safety. These are:

These four issues combined result in numerous injuries and deaths each year here in San Diego County and throughout the nation.

Safe4Baby is coordinated by a partnership between the Commission on Children, Youth and Families; the First Five Commission of San Diego; and several programs of the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, including Child Welfare Services; Public Health Nursing; Maternal, Child and Family Health Services.

Safe4Baby will do educational outreach through home visits by Public Health Nurses, social workers, working with community partners and advertising. Additionally, information is available online at

Safe4Baby recognizes that having a baby is the beginning of one of the most exciting journeys in life. Babies bring with them the excitement of watching a new person grow and develop, the love that comes with caring, and the responsibility of knowing that someone depends on you. Unfortunately, many parents and caregivers are not aware of some simple things that they can do to help ensure the safety and health of babies and small children, and the result can lead to tragic injury and sometimes even death.