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Indicator Data for Your Community

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LWSD Indicator data is currently available by Supervisorial Districts, Health and Human Services Agency Regions and Subregional Areas (SRAs), the latter corresponding to aggregated census tracts as is the practice of the San Diego Association of Governments. These data help to illustrate whether a community is "living well," or if more collaborative effort is needed to improve the well-being or quality of life within a particular community.

Supervisorial District data are estimates because these boundaries do not conform to census tracts or other standard boundaries. District Indicator data are provided for the top 10 Indicators only at this time. HHSA regional and subregional data are provided for most Indicators, including those on the expanded dashboard. When there is no Indicator data available, "N/A" or "Not Available" appears on the dashboard. We will continue to develop data and will update the dashboards over time as more data becomes available.

Supervisorial Districts Map 

Select the Supervisorial Districts Map below to view the Top 10 Indicators by Supervisorial District.

HHSA Regions and Community Map

Select the HHSA Regions and Community map below to find your community and view Indicator data for your community or to view the Indicators by HHSA Region.