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San Diego County Compensation Ordinance

Chapter 1 - General Provisions
1.1Introductory Provisions
 1.1.2Chapter, Article and Section Headings: Gender, Number
 1.1.5Administration Clarification
 1.1.6Severability Clause
 1.1.9Inconsistent Language - Charts/Tables
1.2General Provisions
 1.2.2Payment of Salaries
 1.2.3Biweekly/Regular and Hourly Rate
 1.2.4Full Compensation
 1.2.5Appointment of Deputies
 1.2.6Compensation Authorized by Ordinance
 1.2.7Classes Exempt from FLSA
 1.2.8Election or Appointment to Elective Office; Leave Balances
1.3Step Placement
 1.3.2Upon Initial Appointment
 1.3.3Special Circumstances
 1.3.4Special Conditions for Step Placement for Promotions, Transfers to a Different Class at the Same Salary Range, and Demotions
 1.3.8"Y" Rate
 1.3.9Equitable Adjustment
1.4Adjustment in Range
 1.4.2"Served in Class" Defined
 1.4.3Advancement within Range: Biweekly Rate Employees
 1.4.4Advancement within Range: Hourly Rate Employees
 1.4.5Advancement within Range: Deputy Sheriff Class
 1.4.6(unused section)
 1.4.7Step Advancement Date
 1.4.8Temporary Suspension of Advancement: Reduction
 1.4.9Equitable Adjustment
 1.4.10(unused section)
 1.4.11(unused section)
 1.4.12Advancement within Range: Deputy Sheriff - Detentions/Court Services
 1.4.13Performance Based Step Advancement within Range for Deputy County Counsel Classes
 1.4.14Salary Advancement within Range for Deputy County Counsel Classes
 1.4.15Salary Advancement within Range for Designated CE and MA Classes (step and non-step classes)
 1.4.16Initial Salary Placement and Salary Adjustments within Range for CE, CEM and MA classes of the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association
 1.4.7(unused section)
1.5Work Periods
 1.5.1Work Periods
 1.5.2Compensation for Working on County Holidays
1.6Overtime, Standby, Call-Back, Shift Premiums and Non-FLSA Compensatory Time Accumulation
 1.6.2Overtime and FLSA/Non-FLSA Compensatory Time
 1.6.5Night Shift Premium/Shift Differential
 1.6.6Non-Routine Shift Change/Changes to Shift Assignment Schedules
 1.6.7Available Time
 1.6.8Unexpected - Extended Shift
 1.6.9Extended Shift Compensatory Time
 1.6.10Weekend Shift
 1.6.11Mandatory Overtime Cancellation Compensation
1.7Type A Premiums: Exceptional Duty
 1.7.1Type A Premiums: Exception Duty
 1.7.2Temporary Service with Registrar of Voters
 1.7.3Forensic Autopsy Lead Worker
 1.7.4Tower Climbing Premium
 1.7.5Night Duty Compensation in Overnight Camping Parks
 1.7.6Equipment Operators Toxic Sealers
 1.7.7Assignment Premiums (CM Unit Only)
 1.7.8Compensation for Lunch Time Supervisor of Adult Institution Residents
 1.7.9Clinic Physician
 1.7.10Helicopter Duty
 1.7.11(unused section)
 1.7.12Inservice Sheriff's Training Premium
 1.7.13(unused section)
 1.7.14Handling of Explosive Device/Substance Premium
 1.7.15(unused section)
 1.7.16Sheriff's Dispatcher Training Premium
 1.7.17Sheriff's Dispatcher Lead Premium
 1.7.18Sheriff's Detention Booking Procedures & Detentions Information Assistant Training Premium
 1.7.19Prisoner Transportation Premium
 1.7.20Motor Officer Premium
 1.7.21Child Support Officer Lead Premium
 1.7.22Hazardous Incident Response Work
 1.7.23(unused section)
 1.7.24Corporal Assignment Premium
 1.7.25Detective Assignment Premium
 1.7.26Asbestos and Lead Paint Abatement
 1.7.27(unused section)
 1.7.28Shift Leader Premium (PO)
 1.7.29Administrative Secretary IV Special Assignment Premium
 1.7.30Information Technology Twenty Percent (20%) Severance Option
 1.7.31Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT) Differential
 1.7.32Armed Unit Differential
 1.7.33Training Differential
 1.7.34New Hire Lateral Incentive Pay (DS)
 1.7.35Fire/Life Safety Premium
 1.7.36Field Training Officer Premium (PO)
1.8Type B Premiums: Institutional Work Locations
 1.8.1Type B Premiums: Institutional Work Locations
 1.8.2Work Location Premiums
 1.8.3(unused section)
 1.8.4Probation Institutional Employees Premium
 1.8.5(unused section)
 1.8.6Jail Institutional/Detention Facility Work Locations
 1.8.7Detention Facility Locations: Sheriff's Social Work Unit
 1.8.8San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital
 1.8.9Inmate Supervision Premium
 1.8.10Psychiatric Hospital Location Premium
1.9Type C Premiums: Assigned Exercise of Skills
 1.9.1Type C Premiums: Assigned Exercise of Work
 1.9.2Bilingual Premiums
 1.9.4(unused section)
 1.9.5Transcribing Assignment
 1.9.6(unused section)
 1.9.7(unused section)
 1.9.8(unused section)
 1.9.9Sewing Room Supervisor, Special Assignment Premium
 1.9.10Federal Court or Appellate Assignment
1.10Type D Premiums: Assigned Exercise of Responsibility
 1.10.1Type D Premiums: Assigned Exercise of Responsibility
 1.10.2Acting and Unit Charge Nurse
 1.10.3(unused section)
 1.10.4(unused section)
 1.10.5Institutional Charge Nurse
 1.10.6Temporary Assignment to Higher Class
 1.10.7Hospital Outstation Premium
 1.10.8(unused section)
 1.10.9(unused section)
 1.10.10Part 139, Airport Manager
 1.10.11CAO Sponsored Special Task Force Premium
1.11Type E Premiums: Assignment to Rural Service Areas
 1.11.1Type E Premiums: Assignment to Rural Service Areas
 1.11.2(unused section)
 1.11.3Rural Public Health Nurse
 1.11.4(unused section)
 1.11.5Premium for Sworn Personnel Assigned to Sheriff's Rural Law Enforcement Program
 1.11.6Remote Locations
 1.11.7(unused section)
1.12Type F Premiums: Certifications and Licenses
 1.12.1Type F Premiums: Certifications and Licenses
 1.12.2Physician Classes Board Certification Bonuses
 1.12.3(unused section)
 1.12.4Master of Social Work (MSW)
 1.12.5Doctoral Degree - Chief, Public Health Laboratory
 1.12.6Asbestos Handling Certification
 1.12.7Education and Post Certificate Bonus
 1.12.8Registered Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Environmental Health Specialists and Hygienists
 1.12.9Registered Records Administrator Credential
 1.12.10Master of Library Science (MSL) Premium
 1.12.11Educational/Security Stipend (AM, AS, DA)
 1.12.12Annual Professional Stipend (CC, CS)
 1.12.13Educational/Professional Stipend (PD, PM)
 1.12.14Appraiser Premium
 1.12.15ASE Certification/Premium
 1.13.1Maintenance: Definition
 1.13.3Charges for Maintenance
 1.13.4Juvenile Probation Institutions Maintenance and Meals
 1.13.5Institutional Assignment - Meals
 1.13.6Camp Barrett and Juvenile Ranch Facility Housing
 1.13.7Canine Allowance
 1.13.8Motorcycle Safety Equipment Allowance
 1.13.9Uniform Allowance (Initial Issue and Maintenance)
 1.13.10Work Equipment and Articles
 1.13.11Safety Glasses
 Chapter 2 - Classified Service   
 2.1Classified Service, Special Pay Provisions
 2.1.2(unused section)
 2.1.3Relocation Allowance for Hard-To-Recruit Professional Classes
 2.1.4(unused section)
 2.1.5Pass Through Payments (Edgemoor Hospital)
 2.1.6Lump Sum Payment
 2.1.7Lump Sum Payments Fiscal Year 2013-2014
 2.1.8Lump Sum Payment Fiscal Year 2014-2015
 2.1.9(unused section)
 2.1.10(unused section)
 2.1.11(unused section)
 2.1.12(unused section)
 2.1.13(unused section)
 2.1.14(unused section)
 2.1.15(unused section)
 2.1.16(unused section)
 2.1.17(unused section)
 2.1.18Public Emergency Order not to Report to Normal Work Location and Authorization of Compensation
2.2Procedure for Layoff
 2.2.3Request for Layoff List
 2.2.4Notice of Layoff - Contents
 2.2.5Approval and Service of Notice
3 - Unclassified County Service
3.1Unclassified County Service
3.2Compensation for Board of Supervisors
 3.2.1Supervisor' Salary
3.3Compensation for Other Elective Officers
 3.3.1Other Elective Officers' Salaries
 3.3.2(unused section)
3.4Compensation of Unclassified Chief Deputies and Assignments of Elective Officers
 3.4.1(unused section)
 3.4.2(unused section)
3.5Executive and Unclassified Management
 3.5.2Executive Unclassified Management Compensation Plan
 3.5.3Relocation Allowance
 3.5.4Severance Pay
3.6Compensation of Other Appointive Officers and Employees
 3.6.2Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board
 3.6.3Assessment Appeals Board
 3.6.4Board of Parole Commissioners
 3.6.5(unused section)
 3.6.6Board of Retirement
 3.6.7Hearing Officer (B/S)
 3.6.8(unused section)
 3.6.9Civil Service Commission Member/Hearing Officer
 3.6.10Intermittent Worker
 3.6.11(unused section)
 3.6.12Local Agency Formation Commission
 3.6.13Planning Commission
 3.6.14San Diego Capital Asset Leasing Corporation (SANCAL)
 3.6.15Temporary Expert Professional Employee, M.D., D.O., D.V.M.
 3.6.16Agriculture/Weights & Measures Hearing Officer
 3.6.17Charter/Statute Authorized Staff to Elected Officials
 3.6.18Other Compensated Classes
 (a)Temporary Expert Professional Employee
 (b)Park Attendant, Election Worker I, II, III, Election Worker/Translator, Student Worker I, II, III, IV
 (c)Student Worker Classes
 (d)Temporary Expert Professional Employee, M.D., D.O., D.V.M.
  Temporary Expert Professional - Psychiatrist Special Assignment
 3.6.19(unused section)
 3.6.20(unused section)
 3.6.21(unused section)
 3.6.22Election Poll Workers
 3.6.23Prospective Grand Jurors
 3.7(unused section)
Chapter 4 - Leaves of Absence
4.1General Rules
 4.1.2Leave of Absence Authorization
 4.1.3Appointing Authority Designates Time of Leave
 4.1.4Pay Calculation
4.2Paid Leaves
 4.2.2Sick Leave
 4.2.3Injury Leave
 4.2.4Bereavement Leave
 4.2.5Court Leave and Jury Duty
 4.2.6Military Leave
 4.2.7Social Services Graduate Stipend Leave
 4.2.8Executive Time Off
 4.2.9 (unused section)
 4.2.10 Child Care Vacation Exchange
 4.2.11Employee Recognition Leave
 4.2.12Administrative Leave
 4.2.13Catastrophic Leave Program
 4.2.14(unused section)
 4.2.15State of California Job Assignment Leave
 4.2.16Dept of Transportation (DOT) Drug/Alcohol Testing Leave
 4.2.17(unused section)
 4.2.18Educational Leave
 4.2.19(unused section)
 4.2.20(unused section)
 4.2.21Professional Time Off
 4.2.22Association President’s Leave
 4.2.23Employee Poll Worker Leave
 4.2.24(unused section)
 4.2.25Peace Officer Organization Leave (DSA)
4.3Leaves Without Pay
 4.3.1Family/Medical Leave
 4.3.2Leave of Absence Without Pay
 4.3.3Compulsory Leave
 4.3.4Unpaid Military Leave
 4.3.5Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Leave
 4.3.6Leave Without Pay - Staff to Elected Official
 4.3.7Leave from the Classified Service to Accept Unclassified County Positions
 4.3.8Short-Term Voluntary Work Furlough
 4.3.9Long-Term Voluntary Work Furlough
 4.3.10Special Leave – AM, AS, DA, PD and PM
 4.3.11Voluntary Time Off
 4.3.12Denial of Leave
Chapter 5 - Benefits
5.1General Provisions
 5.1.2Benefit Plans
 5.1.3Duration of Benefits
 5.1.4(unused section)
 5.1.5(unused section)
 5.1.6Flexible Benefits Plan
5.2Unused Section
 5.2.1(unused section)
5.3Basic Life Insurance
 5.3.2Method of Calculation
5.4Long Term Disability
 5.4.2Method of Calculation
5.5Executive Management Physical Examination
 5.5.3Method of Calculation
 5.6.1Retirement Contribution Offset
 5.6.2Method of Calculation
5.7Payment in Lieu of Retirement Contribution Offset
 5.7.2Method of Calculation
5.8(unused section)
 5.9.2Floating Holiday Time
5.10Suggestion Awards Program
 5.10.1Suggestion Award Program (DIBBS)
 5.10.2(unused section)
 5.10.3(unused section)
5.11Employee Recognition and Awards Program
 5.11.1Employee Recognition and Awards Program
 5.11.2(unused section)
 5.11.3(unused section)
 5.11.4(unused section)
 5.11.5(unused section)
5.12Pay for Performance Program
 5.12.1Quality First Program
Chapter 6 - Positions Authorized
 6.1.1Additional Temporary Positions in Emergency
 6.1.2Authorized Job Classifications/Job Codes
 6.1.3Active Positions
 6.1.4District Attorney and Sheriff Temporary Positions