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Welcome to the Advance Planning Division.

We deal with the long-range, “vision” planning of the unincorporated part of the County of San Diego.  We are responsible for the General Plan, the document that provides a framework for future growth and development of the County.  We maintain the Zoning Ordinance and regularly update it with revised regulations to serve public health, safety and general welfare.  We implement the Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP) a regional conservation planning program intended to ensure the long-term survival of sensitive plants and animals while protecting the native vegetation communities found throughout the County.  We also oversee departmental Policy and Ordinance updates for how regulations are applied.

A comprehensive update or the San Diego County General Plan was adopted in 2011.  The updated General Plan be found on the General Plan Update Web page


Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP)


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2012 General Plan Annual Progress Report
Planning Commission: SANDAG 2050 Regional Growth Forecast
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