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Property Specific Requests General Plan Amendment

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On June 27, 2012, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to process a General Plan Amendment (GPA) for 47 separate property specific requests along with their associated study areas.  Staff currently estimates that this GPA should be ready for Board of Supervisors consideration by Summer 2017.  For more information regarding the Property Specific Requests GPA please see the links below to the countywide maps and the community level maps that show the existing General Plan designations and proposed changes. A background for what led to this GPA is also provided below.


Please note that no property specific requests are proposed in the communities that are not included below. Four property specific requests in North Mountain, Ramona, San Dieguito, and Spring Valley are being processed in a separate General Plan Amendment. Information on that GPA can be found here - Property Specific Requests NM16, RM15, SD2, & SV17 (GPA 12-012)

CountywidePSR Locations
BonsallExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Borrego SpringsExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Crest / DehesaExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
FallbrookExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Hidden MeadowsExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Lake Moreana / CampoExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
North County MetroExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Pala/PaumaExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
San DieguitoExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Twin OaksExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations
Valley CenterExisting GP DesignationsProposed GP Designations



During the Board hearings for the County's General Plan Update conducted between Oct 2010 and August 2011, a number of property owners expressed concern with the land use designations that were applied to their land. These property owners individually petitioned the Board of Supervisors to consider a change to the land-use designation on their specific properties. Following public testimony, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to review issues raised during the hearings.  Staff returned to the Board on February 9, March 16, and April 13 with analysis concerning the property specific requests.  The Staff Reports and Minute Orders for those hearings are available at the links below:

General Plan Update Board of Supervisors Hearing - February 9, 2011

General Plan Update Board of Supervisors Hearing - March 16, 2011

General Plan Update Board of Supervisors Hearing - April 13, 2011

Some requests were incorporated into the General Plan that was ultimately adopted on August 3, 2011; however, many could not be accommodated without additional environmental review, which would have delayed the adoption of the General Plan.

When the General Plan was adopted, the Board directed staff to schedule a workshop to review the requests that were considered during these hearings but not included in the adopted plan. Approximately 137 specific requests were analyzed by staff and presented to the Board for evaluation at the workshop held on Jan 9, 10, and 11, 2012. The Staff Report and Minute Order for those workshops are available at the following link:

General Plan Property Specific Requests Board of Supervisors Hearings - January 9-11, 2012

At the conclusion of the workshop, the Board directed staff to evaluate the cost and time required to process 56 of those requests as a General Plan Amendment. These requests were organized by the overall complexity involved (Very Low through Very High), and the findings presented to the Board at their meeting on June 20, 2012, which continued to June 27, 2012. During the June hearings, the Board directed that 47 requests be included in a County-initiated General Plan Amendment.  The Staff Report and Minute Order are available at the following link:

General Plan Property Specific Requests Board of Supervisors Hearings - June, 2012


Staff contacts: 

Jennifer Domeier, (858) 495-5204 or email at

Bob Citrano, (858) 694-3229 or email at