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FCI Planning Commission Hearings

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The Forest Conservation Initiative (FCI) Lands General Plan Amendment was presented to the Planning Commission on October 18, 2013 and November 15, 2013. Below are the Planning Commission recommended land use maps. (Please note that the asterisk represents communities where the Planning Commission supported the Staff Recommended Land Use Map).  

Planning Commission Recommendation Land Use Maps

     Alpine      Lake Morena
     Central Mountain      Mountain Empire*
     Cuyamaca      North Mountain
     Descanso      Pendleton/DeLuz
     Desert*      Pine Valley*
     Jamul      Ramona*


Planning Commission Staff Report

    Attachment A Resolution

    Attachment B Staff Recommendation

         Appendix B-1 Staff Recommendation Land Use Maps

     Alpine      Lake Morena
     Central Mountain      Mountain Empire
     Cuyamaca      North Mountain
     Descanso      Pendleton
     Desert      Pine Valley
     Jamul      Ramona


        Appendix B-2 Areas of Consideration  

   AL-1   AL-8   DE-3
   AL-2A   AL-9   JD-1
   AL-2B   AL-10       LM-1
   AL-3   AL-11    NM-1
   AL-4   CM-1   NM-2
   AL-5   CU-1   NM-3
   AL-6   DE-1   PD-1
   AL-7   DE-2  


        Appendix B-3 Willows Road Study Area Water & Sewer

    Attachment C Zoning Changes

    Attachment D Environmental Review

    Attachment E Senate Bill 18 Correspondence

PC Report Correspondence

FCI Lands GPA Page

Advance Planning