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meeting minutes

Minutes are placed online upon committee's approval.The following documents are PDFs and require Adobe Reader to view. 



June 30, 2009: Draft EIR and General Plan Documents (Draft Minutes)

May 1, 2009:  Conservation Subdivision Program

January 20, 2009: Draft General Plan


October 27, 2008: Draft Public Road Standards

June 27, 2008:  Draft Conservation Subdivision Program, Draft Land Use Element

April 25, 2008: Draft Land Use Element, Environmentally Superior Alternative & Community Plans

February 6, 2008:  Draft Land Use Element, Draft Village Limit Line/Rural Village Boundaries, Presentation of Land Use Alternatives



November 29, 2007: General Plan Update Overview and Introductions



January 25: General Project Update, Housing Element Presentation, Land Use Framework, ERA Report



January 20:  Equity Mechanisms Proposals

March 16:  Equity Mechanisms, Traffic Modeling Overview



January 14:  Standards Package

January 28:  Standards Package

March 11:  Standards, Cons. Subdivisions, Leg. Intent for Ordinances

March 25:  Floodplain Presentation, Standards

May 13:  Open Space Subdivision

May 27:  Update on Recent BOS Hearing, Open Space Subdivision

September 16:  Residential Property Referrals Pres., OS Subdivision

October 21:  Equity Mechanisms Presentations

December 16:  Equity Mechanisms Proposals



January 8:  Planning Overview, Map Review

January 22:  Dist. of Draft Revisions to Goals and Policies, Map Review

February 5:  Draft Revisions to Goals and Policies

February 19:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Goals and Policies

March 5:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Goals and Policies

March 19:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Goals and Policies

April 2:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Goals and Policies

April 16:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Goals and Policies, Dist. Map

April 30:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Overview, Goals and Policies

May 14:  Draft Revisions to Goals and Policies

May 28:  Draft Revisions to Goals and Policies

June 11:  Draft Revisions to Goals and Policies

July 9:  Draft Revisions to Goals and Policies, Working Copy Dist. Map

August 5:  Working Copy Distribution Map

September 10:  TDR & Tribal Lands Update, Groundtruthing, Standards

October 8:  Standards

October 22:  Interim Interest Group Map, Resource Standards

November 5:  Resource Standards

December 17:  "Tools" Subcommittee Update, Map Presentation, Update on Breakout Discussions



February 22:  New IG, Rpt on BOS Conf., Rvw Concepts and Parameters

March 19:  Population Distribution Concepts and Parameters

March 26:  Goals and Policies Discussion, Criteria Discussion

April 9:  Goals and Policies Issues, Concept Criteria Discussion

April 23:  Concepts Criteria Discussion, Interest Group's Next Steps

May 7:  Approach Principles, Criteria Disc., Gap Analysis, Perspective 

May 21:  Criteria "D" Disc., Gap Analysis, TDRs, Sempra Energy Pres.

June 4:  Ag/OS Resource Areas, Concept "D" Criteria, "Tools" Update

June 18:  OS Resource Areas, MSCP & RPO Discussion, "Tools" Update

July 9:  Concepts Criteria, Transportation/Transit

July 16:  Growth Management Tools

July 30:  Glossary of Terms, Growth Management Tools

August 27:  Field Trip, Concepts Criteria

September 10:  Regional Categories, Structure Map

September 24:  Regional Categories, Structure Map, Existing Framework

October 8:  Structure Map

October 22:  Staff Pres., Draft Regional Categories, "Toolbox" Discussion

November 5:  Draft Regional Categories, "Toolbox" Disc., Structure Map

November 19:  Goals and Policies, "Toolbox" Discussion

December 3:  Goals and Policies

December 17:  Map Review



March 13:  Progress, Rvw of Goals and Policies, Standards, Glossary

May 9:  Standards

June 13:  Standards, Density Categories, Alt. III Maps

July 19:  Land Use Designations, Resource Protection Standards

July 31:  Resource Protection Standards

September 7:  Wetlands, Steep Slope, Floodplains, Glossary, Threshold for Applying Yield Reduction

October 2:  PC Workshop Rvw, Comm. Preference Alternative Analysis

November 21:  Alt. III Testing Rpt, Rvw of PC Wksp, Rvw of BOS Hearing

December 19:  Water Agencies Pres., PC Wksp Update, New Goals and Policies

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