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Management Plans

Barnett Ranch Area Specific Management Directives (23MB)
Santa Ysabel Resource Management Plan
Figures 1-6 (14MB) Tables 1-9 (1MB)
Figures 7-14 (16MB) Appendices A-H (13MB)
William Heise Park Vegetation Management Plan (2MB)

Animal Survey Reports

Bat Inventory of the MSCP, 2002 - 2004 (2MB)
USGS Bat Inventory Webpage
Arroyo Toad and Western Pond Turtle Distribution and Status in the San Diego MSCP (1MB)
Lakeside Linkage California Gnatcatcher Banding (2MB)
Lakeside Linkage Avian Surveys (29MB)
Report Appendices (45MB)

Plant Survey Reports

Sensitive Plant Monitoring, Spring 2002 (1MB)

Satellite Imagery

Digital Imaging Technologies in Lusardi Creek and 4S Ranch


Map of 2002 MSCP Survey Locations (1MB)

(It may take several minutes for large .pdf files to load)


Last Updated: October 2008