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Billing Work Explained

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Your monthly Developer Deposit billing statement includes itemized breakdowns of charges. Here’s a list of many of those items, providing a summary explaining each task.

001- Initial Consultation

001- Pre-application Meeting - Major Pre-app

006 040- Review for CEQA Exemption

010 - Preparation for Scoping Letter

011-012 -  Initial Study Completeness

016 - Use of Previous CEQA Documents

021-022-023 - Lead Review of XIS or Information

024-025 - Specific Plan/General Plan Amendment Text Review

028-029-030 – XIS Specialist Review

035-040 - Finalize and Advertise Draft ND/Finalize CEQA Doc ND

036 – Response to CEQA Comments

037 - Prepare Draft Project Decision     

045-088, 091 - EIR Process       

090, 100 - Gather Information & Briefing for Director’s Decision/Prep Director Decision

092, 094 – Prep for Hearing/Attend Hearing PC-ZA

093, 095 - Prep for Hearing/Attend Hearing BOS

101-102 - Case Closure

104 – Replacement Plot Plan and Map Review

105 – Specialist review

106 – Field Visit 

004/107 – Project Management and Applicant Contact    

110 - Condition Satisfaction

111- Prepare/Attend Project Issue Resolution Meeting

113 - Meeting Preparation and Attendance

195 – In-house technical report

200-202 – NCCP Conformance  review and 4(d) Findings (HLP’s)


* These summaries generally include tasks for PDS staff only and do not include work completed by other departments, including the Department of Public Works, the Department of Environmental Health or the Department of Parks and Recreation. (back to top)