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Discretionary Forms

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These forms are used when submitting applications for Discretionary Permits to Planning & Development Services (PDS). 

PDS forms are updated periodically and the current versions are available here. All forms with double asterisks** are "Interactive".  

Forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and require the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free from Adobe. 

Questions about forms should be directed to Zoning Information at (858) 565-5981 or toll free at (888) 267-8770.


 **LUEG:SW   Storm Water Intake Form for Development Projects (SWMP)       

    PDS-090    Typical Plot Plan

 **PDS-015    Applicant's Guidelines & Agreement for Online Submittals for Wireless Facilities

    PDS-100    Minor Use Permit Staff Checklist

 **PDS-125A    Application for Appeal of Scoring for Placement on the CEQA Consultant List

 **PDS-125    Appeal Application

 **PDS-126    Acknowledgement of Filing Fees and Deposits

 **PDS-126A    Financially Responsible Party Agreement

 **PDS-135    Request for Certificate of Compliance - Not Approved For Development

    PDS-157    Appeal Procedure for Administrative Decisions and Administrative Permits

    PDS-158    Appeal Procedure for Major Subdivisions

    PDS-159    Appeal Procedure for Boundary Adjustments, Minor Subdivisions and Subdivision Ordinance Enforcement and Penalty Actions of the Director

    PDS-160    Appeal Procedure for Use Permits and Variances

    PDS-163    Appeal Procedure for Site Plans

    PDS-174    Frequently Asked Questions by Large Family Daycare Applicants

    PDS-195    Wet Bar Limitations

 **PDS-201    Consent For Proposed Gate Or Gate Entry Structure Across A Private Road Easement

    PDS-202   FAQ’s for CEQA Exemption Process

 **PDS-206    Airport Overflight Agreement

    PDS-207    FAQ's for Agricultural Tourism

    PDS-208    FAQ's for Community Gardens

    PDS-209    FAQ'S for Defense and Indemnification

    PDS-212    East Otay Mesa Site Plan Submittal Requirements & Checklist

    PDS-213    Vehicle Dealer's License Addendum

    PDS-214    Habitat Loss Permit Filing Requirements

    PDS-215    Minor Deviation Minimum Requirements Checklist

    PDS-216    Clearing For A Well/Agricultural Clearing

    PDS-218    Property Use Verification for Vehicle Dealer's License

    PDS-220    Gates/Fences/Walls Applicant's Guide

 **PDS-222    Variance Advisory Form

    PDS-225    Summary of the 'B' Community Design Review Area Regulations

    PDS-226    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Notification and Evaluation Process

 **PDS-230    Notice of Proposed Vacation

    PDS-238    Major Use Permit Staff Checklist

    PDS-239    Plat  (Print on legal size paper only, 8.5" x 14", or it will NOT be accepted)

 **PDS-240    Land Division Statement Owner's Certificate

 **PDS-241R    Condition Satisfaction Application Initial Submittal Form

 **PDS-242    Condition Satisfaction Re-Submittal Form

    PDS-243    Rules and Regulations Governing Adjustment Plats

    PDS-246    Tentative Parcel Map Application Checklist of Filing Requirements for Time Extensions, Expired Maps, Revised Maps and Replacement Maps

    PDS-247   California Department of Fish & Wildlife Fees

    PDS-248    Rules and Regulations Governing Certificate of Compliance

    PDS-249A   Tentative Parcel Map Applicant's Guide

    PDS-249B  Tentative Parcel Map Staff Checklist

 **PDS-255    Host Home Affidavit

    PDS-259    General Plan Amendment Request Procedure

    PDS-260    Variance Applicant's Guide

    PDS-261    Grading and Clearing Applicant's Guide

 **PDS-263    Agricultural Preserve Application

    PDS-267    Appointment Letter

 **PDS-268    Bond for Model Home Agreement

**PDS-269    Model Home Agreement

    PDS-275    Administrative Deviation from an Approved Planned Residential Development (PRD) Plot Plan

    PDS-276    Setbacks for Solar Collectors Handout

 **PDS-277    Notice of Proposed Minor Subdivision

    PDS-298    Supplemental Public Notice Procedure

 **PDS-299    Supplemental Public Notice Certification

 **PDS-301    Large Scale (SPECIFIC PLAN) Amendment

    PDS-303    Variance Staff Checklist

    PDS-304    Home Occupations

 **PDS-305    Ownership Disclosure Form

    PDS-306    Setback Drawings

    PDS-307    Height and Story Drawings

    PDS-308    Retaining Wall Drawings

    PDS-310    Clearing Violation Restoration Plan Applicant’s Guide

    PDS-312    Condominium Conversion Applicant's Guide

    PDS-313    Major Use Permit Applicant’s Guide

 **PDS-314    Urban Minor Subdivision Environmental Review Exemption Application Form

    PDS-315    Solar Energy Systems Customer FAQ's

    PDS-316    Applicant's Guide for a Solar Energy System

    PDS-318    Parcel Info Search & Forms Are Online

 **PDS-320    Evidence of Legal Parcel

    PDS-322    Location of Accessory Structures on Corner Lots

    PDS-323    Location of Pools

    PDS-324    Mezzanine

 **PDS-325    Initial Consultation Meeting Request

 **PDS-326    General Plan Amendment Initial Consultation Meeting Request

 **PDS-327    Major Pre-Application Meeting Request

 **PDS-328    Request for Waiver of Major Pre-Application Meeting

    PDS-329    Major Pre-Application Process FAQ's

 **PDS-330    Supplemental Questionnaire for Major Project Pre-Application Meeting Request

    PDS-331    Site Preparation for Future Development (Borrow Pit)

    PDS-333    Wind Turbines - Customer FAQS

 **PDS-334    Zoning Verification Permit - Wind Turbine Project - Small

    PDS-337    BA/CC Staff Checklist

    PDS-338    Density Bonus FAQ's

    PDS-339    Applicant's Guide for Density Bonus

    PDS-340    Pro Forma for Density Bonus

    PDS-345    Types of Accessory Dwelling Units

 **PDS-346    Discretionary Permit Application

 **PDS-346DB    Density Bonus Supplemental Application

 **PDS-346S    Supplemental Application

 **PDS-346V    Variance Supplemental Application

 **PDS-347    Model Home Permit Supplemental Application

 **PDS-349    Request for Merger of Parcels - Boundary Adjustment with a Certificate of Compliance

 **PDS-350    Request for Merger of Parcels - Certificate of Compliance

    PDS-351    Basements/ Story Height Definitions

    PDS-353    Rezone Staff Checklist

    PDS-354    VISA/MC Cardholder Authorization for San Diego County Permitting Purchases Only

    PDS-355    VISA/MC Cardholder Authorization Instructions

    PDS-356    Automatic Time Extensions For Maps  (Pursuant to S.B. 1185, effective 07/15/08; AB 333, effective 07/15/09; AB 208, effective 07/15/11 and AB 116, effective 07/11/13)

    PDS-357    Large Scale Project Guidelines for Submittal and Processing

    PDS-358    Assessor's Parcel May Not Be A Legal Lot

    PDS-359    Kennels

 **PDS-366    Environmental Review Update Application

 **PDS-367    Application for an Environmental Initial Study (AEIS)

    PDS-369    Fee Schedule

    PDS-372    Tentative Map Applicant's Guide

    PDS-372B  Tentative Map Staff Checklist

    PDS-372C  Tentative Maps for Condo Conversion Staff Checklist

    PDS-373    Horse Stable - Customer FAQs

    PDS-374    Resource Protection Study

    PDS-377    Horse Stable Zoning Verification Permit Checklist

 **PDS-378    Zoning Verification Permit - Horse Stable 

 **PDS-381    Notice of a Proposed Opening of a Street, Highway or Public Service Easement

    PDS-382    Flagging Procedure for Projects

    PDS-383    How to Process a Rezone Request

 **PDS-384    Consent to Granting of Administrative Variance

 **PDS-386    Consent to Granting of Administrative Permit

    PDS-388    Tentative Parcel Map for Condo Conversion Staff Checklist

    PDS-390    Farm/ Agricultural Employee Housing Application Procedures for Authorization

 **PDS-394    Preliminary Floodplain Evaluation

 **PDS-397    Administrative Exception for Additional Fence/Wall Height

 **PDS-399F   Fire Availability

 **PDS-399Sc  School Availability

 **PDS-399S   Sewer Availability

 **PDS-399W  Water Availability

 **PDS-400S  Sewer Commitment

 **PDS-400W  Water Commitment

 **PDS-401    Application For Residential Outdoor Water Use Compliance

    PDS-402    Reclamation Plan Application

    PDS-403    Reclamation Plan Requirements

    PDS-404    Landscape Documentation Package Checklist

 **PDS-405    Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet

**PDS-406    Landscape Certificate Of Completion Checklist

 **PDS-407    Landscape Certificate Of Completion

    PDS-430A   Appeals Form for Boundary Adjustments

    PDS-444    Zoning Ordinance Summary

 **PDS-486    Notice of Proposed Subdivision Activity

    PDS-491    Tentative Map Application Checklist for Administrative Time Extensions and Revised Maps

    PDS-505    Applicant's Guide to a Site Plan - Signs in the Right-of-Way

    PDS-506    Site Plan Applicant's Guide

    PDS-507    Site Plan Design Review Checklist Exemption Instructions

    PDS-508    Site Plan Permit Design Review Checklist Exemption Request Requirements

 **PDS-509    Airport/ Heliport Supplemental Information

 **PDS-511    Notice of Proposed Administrative Permit

 **PDS-512    Notice of Proposed Host Home

 **PDS-513    Zoning Verification Permit - Ministerial - Meteorological Testing (MET) Facility

 **PDS-514    Public Notice Certification

    PDS-515    Public Notice Procedure

    PDS-516    Public Notice Applicant's Guide

 **PDS-524    Vicinity Map/Project Summary

    PDS-546    Oversized Accessory Structure Applicant's Guide

    PDS-559    Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance Waiver Procedure

    PDS-565    Minor Use Permit Applicant's Guide

    PDS-570    Site Plan Staff Checklist

    PDS-576    Guest Living Quarters

    PDS-577    Private Garages (Attached and Detached)

    PDS-578    Definitions and Accessory Use Regulations for Barns and Agricultural Storage Buildings

 **PDS-579    Environmental Review Questionnaire for Agriculturally Related Clearing Permits

 **PDS-580    Hazardous Waste/ Substance Site Verification Form

 **PDS-581    Plan Check Pre-Application Notice

 **PDS-589    Environmental Plan Check Application

    PDS-591    Family Daycare Home for Children (9-14)

    PDS-599    Second Dwelling Unit Zoning Checklist

    PDS-611    Second Dwelling Unit

 **PDS-654    Second Dwelling Unit Agreement

 **PDS-655    Alcohol Beverage Control Permit

 **PDS-701    Noise Variance Supplemental Application 

    PDS-714    Applicant's Guide to Minor Deviations to Plot Plans

 **PDS-715    Project Description

    PDS-717    Revegetation Plan Applicant's Guide

 **PDS-718    Subdivider Certification Regarding Remainder Parcel

    PDS-726    Requirements For Placing A Sea Cargo Container On A Private Lot

    PDS-901    Definitions and Accessory Use Regulations for detached Poolhouses, Art or Music Studios, and Recreation Rooms

    PDS-902    Applicant's Guide to an Administrative Permit for Small Wineries

    PDS-903    Applicant's Guide to an Administrative Permit for a Meteorological Testing (MET) Facility

    PDS-906     Signature Requirements

    PDS-907     Inactive and Deficit Projects FAQs

**PDS-1007   Accela Citizen Access (ACA) Registered Users Form for the Financially Responsible Party and Designated Users

    PDS-1008   Site Plan Permit Design Review Checklist Exemption - Staff Checklist

    PDS-1009   Site Plan Design Review Checklist Exemption - Applicant's Guide

    PDS-1010   Summary of the "C" Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) Area Regulations

    PDS-1011   Airport Overflight Policy Requirements

    PDS-1012   Specialized Housing - Supportive and Transitional


  Planning - Policies

    Policy FP-2  Fire Code Compliance, Cell Sites

    Policy G-3    Determination of Legal Parcel

    Policy MP-8 Thresholds for Determining Non-Habitable/ Habitable Space

    Policy S-1    Slopes/Density Analysis Policy


 Board of Supervisors - Policies

    Policy I-38    Agricultural Preserves

    Policy I-49    Distribution of Notification of Land Use Hearings

    Policy I-63    General Plan Amendment and Zoning Guidelines

    Policy I-73    Hillside Development

    Policy I-121  Procedure for Determining Public Convenience or Necessity for Alcohol Beverage License Applications

    Policy I    Section: All other BOS "I" Policies


Zoning Division - Informational Handouts

    Grading Handout for Site Plans/ Major Use Permits

    Grading Handout for Subdivisions

    Standard Conditions for Tentative Subdivision Maps




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