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For media and public affairs inquiries, please contact Sarah Gordon at (619) 531-4506 or

Department Biographies

Disproportionate Minority Contact Reduction Plan (pdf)

Annual Report 2010 (pdf)
Annual Report 2009 (pdf)
Annual Report 2008 (pdf)
Annual Report 2007 (pdf)
Strategic Plan (pdf)

Armed Units (pdf)
Gangs (pdf)
Gangs (Spanish) (pdf)
Programs and Institutions (pdf)
Probation 101 (pdf)
Understanding the Juvenile Justice System (pdf)

Video Clips
Juvenile Hall (wmv)
Girls Rehabilitation Facility (wmv)
Juvenile Court (wmv)
Camp Barrett (wmv)
Community Supervision (wmv)
Reflections (wmv)
Youth Day Center (wmv)
VIP (wmv)
DUI Enforcement Unit (wmv)
Reading Program Connects Families (wmv)
Teen WATCh (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Tour (wmv)

History Narrative (html)
Probation Centennial (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Through the Ages (wmv)

News Releases
Transitions Program Announced (pdf)
Passport to Life (pdf)
Juvenile Halls Receive Medical Accreditation (pdf)
Drug Court Graduates Celebrate Sobriety (pdf)
Probation Data Shared with ARJIS (pdf)
Juvenile Hall Open House 2009 (pdf)
DUI Grant Renewed (pdf)
New Deputy Chief Probation Officer Appointed (pdf)
Mental Health Professional Addresses Probation Officers (pdf)
Probation Work Crews Clean Homeless Camp (pdf)
New Assistant Chief Appointed (pdf)
Youth Have Their Day In Court (pdf)
Juvenile Hall Opens Its Doors (pdf)
New Chief Probation Officer Appointed (pdf)
Reading Rally for Young Female Offenders (pdf)
Probation Highlights Latest in Technology (pdf)
Teens to Enter Alternate Reality (pdf)
Driver's License Checkpoint (pdf)
Teenagers Serving Time for a Crime They Didn't Commit (pdf)
Medical Care Rated at the Highest Level (pdf)
Probation Celebrates 100 years (pdf)
Freedom Writers Visit Drug Court Graduation (pdf)

News Stories 2010
SCRAM Monitoring (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Open House 2010 (wmv)
GPS Tracking (wmv)
STATIC 99 Tool (wmv)
Meth Users Targeted (wmv)
Containment model works (pdf)
Chelsea's Law and Probation (pdf)
Probation Tracks Sex Offenders (pdf)
Sex Offender Supervision (wmv)
GPS Tracking (pdf)
Sex Offender Tracking (wmv)
Megan's Law (wmv)
Three Arrested During After Super Bowl Sweeps (pdf)
Supreme Court Decision on Jessica's Law (wmv)
Sexual Assault Survey (pdf)
Bandits Didn't See Value (pdf)

News Stories 2009
Bird Rock Bandits Back In Jail (pdf)
Officers Arrest Bird Rock Bandits (wmv)
Library Books (wmv)
JRF to Stay Open (pdf)
County to Close JRF (pdf)
Halloween Sex Offender Sweep (wmv)
Halloween Sex Offender Sweep (pdf)
Meth Sweep (wmv)
Gang Czar Shares Insights (wmv)
Job and Education Expo (wmv)
Job and Education Expo (wmv)
Job and Education Expo (pdf)
Budget Cuts (link)
Alcohol Monitoring Device Keeps Women Sober (wmv)
Juvenile Drug Court Graduation 2009 (wmv)
Juvenile Drug Court Graduation 2009 (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Open House 2009 (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Open House 2009 (pdf)
Program Contract Reviewed (pdf)
Officers Enforce DUI Conditions (pdf)
Anthony Home History (pdf)
Student Achievement at Juvenile Hall (wmv)
Students Taking Academic Responsibility (pdf)
TIP Targets Habitual Truants (pdf)
SB 81 Update (pdf)

News Stories 2008
Warrant Sweeps in Southeast San Diego (wmv)
Reading Program at Juvenile Hall Spanish (wmv)
Reading Program at Juvenile Hall (wmv)
Reading Program at Juvenile Hall (pdf)
Sex Offenders On Halloween (wmv)
Marijuana Found (pdf)
Sex Offenders Crossing the Border (wmv)
Bamboo City Cleaned Up (pdf)
Mentally Ill Offender Cuts (wmv)
Marijuana Bust (wmv)
20 pounds of marijuana confiscated (pdf)
Prison Overcrowding (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Open House 2008 (wmv)
Meth Sweeps (pdf)
DUI Sweeps (pdf)
Volunteer of the Year (wmv)
State Seeking to Send Youth Back (pdf)
Jessica's Law Faces Hurdles (pdf) 
Cities Modify Ordinances with Jessica's Law (pdf)
Warrant Unit Targets North County (pdf)
DUI Unit uses SCRAM (wmv)
After Super Bowl Sweep (wmv)
After Super Bowl Sweep Spanish (wmv)
Probation Doubles Armed Forces (pdf)

News Stories 2007
Youthful Offender Reentry Program (pdf)
Teacher of the Year at East Mesa (pdf)
Youthful Offender Program (wmv)
DUI Unit 4th of July Operation (wmv)
Electronic Surveillance Program (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Open House (wmv)
Driver's License Checkpoint (wmv)
DUI offenders wear ankle bracelet (pdf)
Teen Relationship Violence (wmv)

News Stories 2006
Halloween Sex Offender Sweep (wmv)
Probation Can Reduce Prison Overcrowding (pdf)
House Calls Made on DUI Offenders (pdf)
Drunk Drivers Caught Off Guard (pdf)
County Cracking Down on DUI Offenders (pdf)
Probation and Parole Week (pdf)
Close Eye Kept on DUI Offenders (pdf)
Program Targets Repeat DUI Offenders (pdf)
Probation Cracking Down on DUI Offenders (pdf)
OTS Grant Announced (wmv)
JRF Flag Pickup at Fort Rosecrans (wmv)
Truants Graduate (wmv)
Juvenile Hall Open House NCT (pdf)
Juvenile Hall Open House UT (pdf)
Juvenile Hall Open House (wmv)
Truancy Sweeps (wmv)
Probation Officers Urged to Make a Difference (pdf)
Probation Officers and DV Victims (wmv)
Drug Court Graduation UT (pdf)
Drug Court Graduation CTN (wmv)
GPS Tracking of Sex Offenders (wmv)