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San Diego County Fire Authority

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San Diego County Fire Authority

The San Diego County Fire Authority was created by the Board of Supervisors in June 2008 to improve fire protection and emergency medical services in the region. The Fire Authority provides support to unify the administration, communications and training of 15 rural fire agencies and to extend "around the clock" protection to 1.5 million acres of the unincorporated county that previously had either limited, or part-time "on-call" protection. On September 14, 2010, the Board of Supervisors approved the transfer of the operation of the San Diego County Fire Authority and the responsibility for associated County Services Areas (CSAs) and Fire Mitigation Funds from the Department of Planning and Land Use (DPLU) to the Public Safety Group Executive Office.

Coordinate, regionalize and improve fire protection and emergency response services provided by State, local career and local volunteer fire agencies in the unincorporated areas of the County.

Comprehensive fire and emergency medical services provided effectively and efficiently through agency collaboration and leadership.


Latest News:

PULSEPOINT - With a simple alert from your phone, you could help save a life. The County of San Diego has partnered to launch the PulsePoint CPR/AED mobile application to help increase sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rates in San Diego County.

Be a Citizen Super Hero

Please click here to learn more about PulsePoint


On July 30, 2013 the Board of Supervisors approved the Fire Master Plan. The comprehensive document is designed to help County leadership, fire agencies and the community understand the Fire Authority’s current scope, its future direction and what it needs to be effective for five more years. 


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 Regional leadership with local control through collaboration across boundaries

The intent of this statement is to continually improve regional leadership of the administrative functions and land use planning services related to fire and emergency medical services in the unincorporated county, while maintaining local operational control for fire and emergency medical response.

The San Diego County Fire Authority combines fire protection, fire safety and fuels reduction programs (dead, dying, diseased tree removal and weed abatement) and long-term land use planning needs (land use regulations and permits). Additionally, the Fire Authority improves fire and emergency medical service delivery to unincorporated areas of the county and provides for operations and training facilities, communications equipment and infrastructure, fire apparatus and safety equipment to fire and life safety agencies.


See what we do:




SDCFA coordinates resources to improve fire and emergency medical services in unincorporated San Diego County.